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European Railroad Discussion > Germany: Steam: Narrow Gauge: "Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag"

Date: 12/26/18 22:09
Germany: Steam: Narrow Gauge: "Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag"
Author: Milepost_130

In Germany, December 26 is "Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag," (literally translated: Second Christmas Holiday).  Tourists and locals alike take the opportunity of this public holiday to visit friends, hike, ski and / or visit other regional attractions.

In Sachsen, Fichtelbergbahn is a 750 mm narrow gauge railway connecting Cranzahl with Kurort Oberwiesenthal, a ski resort. At Fichtelbergbahn, steam locomotives operate chimney-first (smokebox-first), uphill, from Cranzahl to Kurort Oberwiesenthal.  On the return journey, steam locomotives are operated coal bunker-first.

On December 26, demand for seats on its passenger trains requires increasing from 9 to 12 the number of passenger cars. To accommodate baby carriages, sleds and skis, a baggage car is also added to the consist, bringing to 13 the total number of cars in each train. These additional cars require the power of a second locomotive. While some trains are powered by one steam and one diesel locomotive, other trains feature two, double-headed steam locomotives.

Such was the case on December 26, 2018, with Fichtelbergbahn train P 1005, which departed Cranzahl at 13:15. In Fichtelbergbahn 99 1773-3, the lead locomotive, the "Dampflokführer" (steam locomotive engineer) was Steffen Buhler. The "Lokheizer" (fireman) on the lead locomotive was Falk Viehweger.

Wilko Schultz was the "Dampflokführer" in Fichtelbergbahn 99 1772-5, the second locomotive on train P 1005.

Several images follow:

Image 1:  Fichtelbergbahn 99 1773-3 and Fichtelbergbahn 99 1772-5 await the 13:15 departure from Cranzahl with train P 1005.
Image 2:  Fichtelbergbahn 99 1773-3 interior view of the cab.
Image 3:  Fichtelbergbahn 99 1773-3 approaching Niederschlag. Waiting in the station is Fichtelbergbahn 99 1794-9 (operating coal bunker-first) with southbound train P 1006. At the far end of this train is a diesel, needed to assist the steam locomotive for the return trip to Kurort Oberwiesenthal.

Fichtelbergbahn 99 1773-3, 2-10-2T (Lokomotivebau Karl Marx, Babelsberg 32011 / 1952), 750 mm gauge
Fichtelbergbahn 99 1772-5, 2-10-2T (Lokomotivebau Karl Marx, Babelsberg 32012 / 1952), 750 mm gauge
Fichtelbergbahn 99 1794-9, 2-10-2T (Lokomotivebau Karl Marx, Babelsberg 132035 / 1956), 750 mm gauge

Fichtelbergbahn: https://www.fichtelbergbahn.de/

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Date: 12/26/18 22:10
Re: Germany: Steam: Narrow Gauge: "Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag"
Author: Milepost_130

Image 4:  Looking back from the cab of Fichtelbergbahn 99 1773-3 with the train in view.
Image 5:  Fichtelbergbahn 99 1772-5 disconnected from the train, backing-into the depot at Kurort Oberwiesenthal to take water.
Image 6:  Fichtelbergbahn 99 1773-3 and Fichtelbergbahn 99 1772-5 in the locomotive depot at Kurort Oberwiesenthal.

Date: 12/27/18 03:36
Re: Germany: Steam: Narrow Gauge: "Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag"
Author: andersonb109

Excellent. I've never seen a doubleheader on that line before. Real working steam in the 21st Century. The Germans know how to do it right. No non authentic paint schemes (excepting the company name on the wagons), no flags on the locos, no diesel helpers, and no safety vests to be seen. And passengers actually using the train for normal transportation, not just a tourist joy ride. 

Date: 12/27/18 17:33
Re: Germany: Steam: Narrow Gauge: "Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag"
Author: Bob3985

Thank you so much (Vielen Dank) for the great photos and videos. I love watching anything from Germany.
I guess that's because my last name is almost Krieger (Actually Krüger).

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 12/27/18 17:57
Re: Germany: Steam: Narrow Gauge: "Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag"
Author: gbmott

Two questions:  [1]  Are there still active freight customers on the line using transporter wagons?  and [2] Back in the day this class of locomotive all carried 99-7xx-x numbers.  Has a 1 simply been added in front?


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