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Date: 02/08/19 06:27
DB 1965-66: Final Segment
Author: gbmott

On February 13, 1966, I made a trip to Marburg and Giessen.  Unfortunately the weather was, again, typical for German winter and resulted in substandard photos.  But here goes anyway.  First two Giessen, third Marburg.


Date: 02/08/19 06:30
Re: DB 1965-66: Final Segment
Author: gbmott

. . . more, all Marburg.

Date: 02/08/19 06:37
Re: DB 1965-66: Final Segment
Author: gbmott

I was really just getting familiar with the good spots, including having finally discovered the Frankfurt Guterbahnhof and nearby roundhouse which was full of steam but which I never got to photograph as it was decided at this point that my services could be better utilized elsewhere . . .

1.  Phan Rang 5-67
2.  Tuy Hoa 10-66

So with a final nod to SZ and Greg, this has been fun.  Incidentally, I again encountered the USNS General Alexander M. Patch when, as the Beachmaster at Vung Ro Bay I participated in the offloading of part of the 7th Inf. Division which had arrived on her.


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Date: 02/08/19 07:04
Re: DB 1965-66: Final Segment
Author: Bob3985

Gordon, thanks for this great series of photos.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 02/08/19 07:38
Re: DB 1965-66: Final Segment
Author: gregscholl

Enjoyed the steam pics, especially the 01 Pacifics, and others like 03's and 038's.  Thanks for your service and you train pics.   Some years back I did a video called "Military Trains".  It has a few clips of German and U.S. tank trains in Germany during the 1974 visit.  One had a banker(Rear pusher).  I think we saw a total of 4 trains around Hartmanshof that were military related.  The artillary crew would be in the 2 coaches up front behind the engine.  At one location the German troops threw bottles at us.  Anyway interesting memories.
Link below to the Military Trains....scroll down to the third one.  Enjoy!

Date: 02/08/19 11:13
Re: DB 1965-66: Final Segment
Author: dwatry

I rode on the USNS Gen Alexander M Patch from Southhampton (UK) to New York in 1960.  I was a kid and my dad had been stationed for 3 years in the UK in the Air Force.  That was our way back to the US!  

Even more fun was the way we got back home to California from NY.  PRR New York to Wash DC, B&O Capitol Ltd Wash DC-Chicago, and then CRIP/SP Golden State Ltd Chicago-LA.  Capitol and Golden State all in sleeper. 

Date: 02/08/19 16:29
Re: DB 1965-66: Final Segment
Author: SR2

Wow, Gordon, great photos!  I have a friend who still has family in Germany.
He went there to see them about that time.  He really had stories to tell
on his arrival back in the US.  Now I have a much better idea of just
what he saw and rode on.  Thanks!
Jon - SR2

Date: 02/09/19 07:32
Re: DB 1965-66: Final Segment
Author: Tominde

Thank you for your wonderful pics and commentary.  I was an exchange student in 67 for part of my senior year in HS.  I actually got to "work" for DB part of the time as my older German "brother" was a station agent in a small town and he trained me so he could take some time off during the day. Agents were also block operators.  Plenty of steam.

Date: 02/11/19 19:41
Re: DB 1965-66: Final Segment
Author: march_hare

Not substandard photos at all. Thanks for posting. 

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