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European Railroad Discussion > Olten, CH.....trainwatchers paradise

Date: 02/21/19 14:17
Olten, CH.....trainwatchers paradise
Author: mp208

 Olten, Switzerland......The Hotel Amaris has balconies that overlook the station complex where 40-50 train pass by every hour.  Here is a sample of the gluttony.

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Date: 02/21/19 22:25
Re: Olten, CH.....trainwatchers paradise
Author: gaspeamtrak

One room please !!!!
Thanks for sharing !!! :):):)

Date: 02/21/19 23:14
Re: Olten, CH.....trainwatchers paradise
Author: wpamtk

Stayed in a hotel in Salzburg a couple years ago with a view just like that. 

Date: 02/22/19 00:26
Re: Olten, CH.....trainwatchers paradise
Author: SOO6617

Olten is the Turntable of Switzerland, there is exactly one pair of passenger trains that do not stop there each day. It is where the East-West trains inteerchange and connect with the North-South trains. Just to the southwest of Olten Station the Neubaustrecke begins that enables certain trains to make it to and from Bern in just under one-half hour. You see how busy the station is, Olten has a population under 20,000 residents. Olten is also in the heart of Swiss domestic industry and the distribution network, so lots of freights pass through the station. Finally freights using the Lötschberg Base Tunnel to go from Germany to Italy have to pass through the station. Fortunately there are lots of tracks to accomplish this, and fortunately the Swiss like to see freight moving by rail rather than clogging their highways and have not been afraid to put their money where their mouth is. There are at least five tracks leading east or north out of Olten and eight tracks leading west or south out of Olten.

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Date: 02/22/19 07:24
Re: Olten, CH.....trainwatchers paradise
Author: mile250

Thanks for sharing. Night shot especially good. A webcam at that location would be nice.

Date: 02/22/19 11:15
Re: Olten, CH.....trainwatchers paradise
Author: SOO6617

Sadly there used to be an excellent webcam at Olten Bahnhof, One of the railfan websites even provided a scrolling timetable below the webcam picture so that you could identify which trains you were looking at, but it has been gone for about two years now.

Date: 02/24/19 06:53
Re: Olten, CH.....trainwatchers paradise
Author: tq-07fan

I try not to look too obvious when the 'Red Blooded American!' type railfan talks up how great their busy line with however many dozen trains a day is. It's hard to not laugh when you've been to places in Europe where busy lines and places are measured by trains per hour.


Date: 02/24/19 07:01
Re: Olten, CH.....trainwatchers paradise
Author: goneon66

i could spend a few days there.  great video and thanks for posting........


Date: 03/17/19 03:34
Re: Olten, CH.....trainwatchers paradise
Author: cricketer8for9

Guessing from the commentary that hitting the platform ends at 25mph and braking hard is not North American practice. Not too common in the UK anymore either. 

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