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Date: 02/25/19 14:42
Reply to "A Few Wolsztyn Pics" (new added)
Author: gbmott

I was interested to see that the painted decoration on the smokelifters of Ol49-69 appear not only to have survived for over 25 years but made a bit more permanent (photo 1, 7-30-93).  Several of the Wolsztyn Ol49's sported "creative" wiping, (photo 2, 5-7-93) while in some cases it extended to more than just the smokelifters (photo 3, 5-7-93).  All photos at Wolsztyn.

I've not been back there in many years now and am curious which Ol49's are still active.  When I was there in 1993-4 Wolsztyn was down to Ol49-7, -23, -32, -59, -69, -81, and -105, though there was another half-dozen or so maintained at other sheds.  Have some of those fallen by the wayside in the meantime?


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Date: 02/25/19 18:20
Re: Reply to "A Few Wolsztyn Pics"

Wishing I would have gone earlier.

Ol49-7 last ran 2010 or 2011

23 is in Leszno in many pieces.

32 was scrapped at Gniezno in 2010.

59 and 69 still operable. 69 is actually 99 renumbered. Original 69 is in Leszno.

81 is in Wolsztyn used for parts.

105 was scrapped. Not sure when.

Hope this helps..


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Date: 02/26/19 04:26
Re: Reply to "A Few Wolsztyn Pics" (new added)
Author: gbmott

Bill -- Thanks, and fascinating that they would go to the trouble to replicate the smokelifter decoration and also the smokebox front symbol when renumbering Ol49-99 to -69.  First photo below (Szczecin 8-14-93) is Ol49-99 as it looked when I knew it.  At that time it was based in Szczecin which itself was not a steam operating center but was used with a retro consist to connect with the meter-gauge operations out of Stargard Szcz. and Gryfice (I wonder whether they are still around?).  I'm sorry to hear that Ol49-105 (second photo - Wolsztyn 5-8-93) has been scrapped.  It was being used frequently back then.  Finally, here is -23 when it was all in one piece (Wolsztyn 5-8-93).

I have a small supply of a booklet (in English) that PKP published in 1993 that describes each of the steam operating centers and narrow gauge railways that were operating at that time.  If anyone would like one, send me a PM with your mailing address and I'll get one to you (until I run out).  


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Date: 02/26/19 06:46
Re: Reply to "A Few Wolsztyn Pics" (new added)
Author: Tominde

As mentioned 59 and 69 are currently in use at Wolsztyn.   PT47 65 is also in occasional use,   

Here is a link to Wolsztyn engine shed/service facilities live stream.  Three cameras    For whatever reason they seem to change servers frequently

Intersting, that they just finished rebuilding most of the trackwork. 





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