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Date: 06/05/19 21:44
Bratislava Day Trip
Author: dwatry

Staying in Budapest, I decided to do a daytrip to Bratislava for two reasons - to have a beer with a friend, and to ride the various types of Tatra trams running on the Bratislava system.  MAV and ZSSK have a cheap 15 Euro one-day roundtrip fare from Budapest to Bratislava (or v.v.) that is supposedly available only on day of travel.  I was able to purchase it the night before at Nyugati Palyaudvar in Budapest.  Turns out I traveled both directions on the Eurocity train "Hungaria", which is a through train from Budapest to Hamburg, and includes a very nice dining car.   Travel was on May 3, 2019.

1)  Eurocity 172 "Hungaria" in Bratislava having just arrived from Budapest.  Power is a CD (Czech) Class 380 Skoda triple-voltage loco. 
2)  Interesting route.
3)  Hung around Bratislava station for a few trains - this is a Translog Slovakia coal train behind a Class 242, purchased from CD. Love this paint scheme.

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Date: 06/05/19 21:47
Re: Bratislava Day Trip
Author: dwatry

4)  Translog same train as above.
5)  ZSSK Class 240 on a local train.  These are 1968 products from Skoda.
6)  ZSSK Vectron on train from Zilina.

Date: 06/05/19 21:54
Re: Bratislava Day Trip
Author: dwatry

7)  Tatra T6A5 tram at Blumental stop in center.  Tram system is metre-gauge.
8)  Two sets of T6A5 trams meeting at 3/5 line terminal at Raca.
9)  Looking north at Raca - again with 2 sets of T6A5 trams meeting.

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Date: 06/05/19 22:01
Re: Bratislava Day Trip
Author: dwatry

10)  Tatra T3SU set outbound at Vinohrady.  Note short section of dual-gauge trackage, which seems to have been installed at various locations around the system, presumably as a contingency for any future gauge conversion. 
11)  ZSSK Skoda EMU at Vinohrady.
12)  Tatra K2 set at Vinohrady - shot from ZSSK platform.   These cars are rebuilt and look more modern than when originally built.

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Date: 06/05/19 22:06
Re: Bratislava Day Trip
Author: dwatry

13)  ZSSK Class 263 at Vinohrady with a local train.
14)  Inbound T6A5 set at Vinohrady.
15)  T3SU set in the center. 

Date: 06/05/19 22:13
Re: Bratislava Day Trip
Author: dwatry

16)  Tram lines 1 and 3 go to the southside of the Danube on a new extension that uses a pedestrian, bike and tram-only bridge.  Here's a new Skoda 29T ForCity train heading north - about to cross the river.
17)  South side terminal at Petrazalka.  Note dual-gauge trackage here also.
18)  Did manage to grab that beer and a slivovitz with my friend Victor before catching my train back to Budapest.  That's me on the left. 

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Date: 06/05/19 22:23
Re: Bratislava Day Trip
Author: dwatry

19)  Made my train back to Budapest by about 30 seconds.  Grabbed this shot in Sturovo - love art deco signal boxes!
20)  Shot on Eurocity 173 "Hungaria" back to Budapest.
21)  Train 173 back at Budapest Nyugati, with a CD Class 380 on the point. 


Date: 06/06/19 05:01
Re: Bratislava Day Trip
Author: GPutz

Thanks for the tour.  Gerry

Date: 06/06/19 09:34
Re: Bratislava Day Trip
Author: 86235

Excellent Duncan, those T6A5 Tatras are to die for.

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