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Date: 07/12/19 13:21
Balkan/Italian vacation
Author: wpamtk

We just got home from a trip that included a visit to Belgrade, Serbia and a cruise around the Adriatic. This was a "family" (i.e., I was outnumbered) vacation and not a railfanning trip, so I didn't see all that much.I did get a chance to shoot a few trams in Belgrade (photos 1-3; sorry, number 2 was a vertical, but it was the best of the bunch) before flying to Rome and boarding our ship in Civitavecchia.

Date: 07/12/19 13:35
Re: Balkan/Italian vacation
Author: wpamtk

  One stop on the cruise was Split, Croatia, whose station was right on the waterfront. The first photo is of a set of DMUs about to leave for Zagreb (if I read the schedule board correctly). Shortly afterwards, two more DMU sets pulled in on different tracks (second photo) to await departure, apparently on suburban services. Split was a fascinatining place: the bell tower in the distance belongs to a cathedral built on the crypt of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Much of the Roman structures remain, repurposed to later use. 
  The rest of the cruise was pretty bereft of rail opprtunities. We called at Trieste, but the famed tram to Opacina (which needs a push up the hill at the far end) is still closed, as was the railway museum near the port. In Naples, the tram system was shut down completely (street construction, apparently), although I did ride the metro (third photo).

Date: 07/13/19 03:30
Re: Balkan/Italian vacation
Author: andersonb109

What's a "non-railfanning trip?" 

Date: 07/13/19 09:53
Re: Balkan/Italian vacation
Author: wpamtk

andersonb109 Wrote:
> What's a "non-railfanning trip?" 

One where your family members decry and try to thwart your attempts to engage in rail-related activities, rather than the "normal" things they want you to do. 

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