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Date: 08/08/19 18:54
DB 01 118 Last Driving?
Author: KM-ML4000

I see the DB 01 118 4-6-2 is in the process of, or has been making a “Last Driving” in Germany this month. Does anyone know why this is the final driving, and what future plans are for this locomotive?


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Date: 08/08/19 23:53
Re: DB 01 118 Last Driving?
Author: pennengineer

Note: Like all class 01s, it’s a 4-6-2.

As I understand it, the locomotive was sold to a private collector a few years ago who provided the funds to give it a Hauptuntersuchung (general inspection, necessary when its certification expires). Without this HU, the locomotive wouldn’t have been able to remain in operable condition the last few years. Now it’s being transferred to his private storage facility, which is located on a branch line on which the weight limit is going to be reduced. Once the weight limit is lowered, the 01 118 will be too heavy and will not be able to access the facility, which is why it has to go now. However, that also means that it will not be able to access the national railway network again unless it is hauled out by road or the weight limit is raised again.

It’s a very unfortunate situation, and I don’t have many more details than that. I know that some argue that it shouldn’t have been sold, although others say that had it not been, it wouldn’t have run anymore, as it would have taken years to gather the money for an HU and it’s possible this would never have been done. Others say that the organization that operates it and the Class 52 in Frankfurt, the Historische Eisenbahn Frankfurt e.V., might not have survived financially without the sale. Others argue that another “home” should have been found, although those are scarce and it’s difficult to tell someone who has paid millions to purchase and maintain a locomotive where to put it or what to do with it.

Honestly, without the details, I cannot say who is right and who is wrong. But at least we had many good years of operation with the 01 and we still have the 52 to enjoy.

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Date: 08/10/19 23:41
Re: DB 01 118 Last Driving?
Author: DevalDragon

Such a shame - this locomotive has been in uninterrupted service since it was build in 1934.

It's sad to see her put out to pasture!

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