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Date: 09/23/19 14:48
My First Encounter with a Talgo Pendular
Author: MartyBernard

Talgo Pendular trains are, of course, running in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.  But in December 1994 my wife and I had a ride in one in its native country, Spain.  We rode from Portugal to Madrid and had dinner in the diner.  To we two foreigners, the waitress pointed out how motionless the wine was in the glass as we went around curves at pretty good speed.   For the first part of the ride the cars were pulled by a diesel (as in the photo) in the mountains and then changed to an electric for a fast run into Madrid.

The photos were taken in Guillarei, Spain on December 5, 1994.

Marty Bernard

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Date: 09/24/19 04:20
Re: My First Encounter with a Talgo Pendular
Author: cricketer8for9

Thanks. Not a commonly photographed train.

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