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Date: 07/19/20 18:29
European Railway Stations Part 5
Author: andersonb109

This is SCNF's station for Paris Disney. It's located about half way between the Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney and most Disney hotels. I nick named it "Cigarette Land" as none were available for purchase anyplace else and sadly, Yana smokes.  Service is from Paris Nord. But for some reason, we choose to hire a car and driver. Big mistake. It took forever. While at Paris Disney we saw the steam train but didn't ride. Lines were long and Yana's then 13 year old son was way more interested in the thrill rides. She made me go on Space Mountain and I thought I was going to die. We choose Paris Disney as we had planned on doing Disneyland in California but our wonderful Department of State denied her US tourist visa. Yana didn't want free anything from the U.S. She just wanted a two week vacation. But somehow that's seen as some sort threat. I was embarrassed to be an American when she told me how she was treated at our embassy in Kiev. 

Date: 07/20/20 10:28
Re: European Railway Stations Part 5
Author: krm152

That station looks appropriate for Disney.
You are getting close.  Have never been to France but have been to three bordering countries.
Looking forward to seeing some from those.

Date: 07/23/20 10:23
Re: European Railway Stations Part 5
Author: RRTom

krm152 Wrote:
> That station looks appropriate for Disney.

Agree and that's not a compliment to the architecture.

Dealing with the INS wrt my wife was so very unpleasant.  

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