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Date: 09/06/20 22:48
Warnemunde and Rostock
Author: wpamtk

 Warnemunde is a seaside resort in the former East Germany, with a stub-end station along the waterfront. While some long-distance trains do arrive and depart there, there is a constant parade of local trains to and from Rostock, a much larger city about thirty minutes inland. I arrived there on a cruise ship in July 2013; after a look around, I hopped on a local train to take a ride to Rostock.
1. The Warnemunde station during a brief period between trains.
2. The station was very convenient to the cruise ship dock.
3. Seen from the ship's upper deck, a local train to Rostock departs later in the day.

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Date: 09/06/20 22:56
Re: Warnemunde and Rostock
Author: wpamtk

4. Rostock Hbf from the street side.
5. A view from the platforms--the tracks here are elevated, while trams pass through on the street level below.
6. Tram running down a street a few blocks from the station. I know it's been awhile since reunification, but this was quite a difference from the image of East Germany I held from Cold War days. (Yes, there were plenty of cars on the street, but I managed to not get any in my picture.) 

Date: 09/06/20 23:48
Re: Warnemunde and Rostock
Author: WP17

Here are two views of the Warnemunde station taken from a Celebrity ship on a 2007 port of call. Of interest is that the cruise lines refer to Warnemunde as the port for Berlin -- it's a 3 hour express train ride from the port to Berlin, but many passengers aboard the cruise ships still make the journey:-(



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Date: 09/07/20 03:52
Re: Warnemunde and Rostock
Author: wpamtk

Yes, my wife and daughter took the train to Berlin, but I stuck around so I could ride behind steam on the Mollibahn.

Date: 09/07/20 08:53
Re: Warnemunde and Rostock
Author: 55002

Very nice series of photos. Thanks. chris uk.

Date: 09/07/20 11:45
Re: Warnemunde and Rostock
Author: Bob3985

Ah yes, Wunderbar! In 2002 I rode from Rostock, after visiting my ancestral town of Marlow, to Hamburg. 
Spent a little time in the Hamburg Platz before boarding an ICE train to Dresden.
What a wonderful trip.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

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