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European Railroad Discussion > A visit to Portugal--Porto's trams

Date: 10/21/21 13:01
A visit to Portugal--Porto's trams
Author: wpamtk

We just returned from a lovely trip to Portugal. While there wasn't much time available for railfanning, I was able to check out the trams in Porto and Lisbon.
1. In Porto, a line runs through town along the Douro River. This car waits at the Infante end of the line, below St. Francis Church. Three cars were running on this line, on about a 30-minute headway.
2. Tracks run alongside the streets and are paved. Pedestrians, bicylclists, and occasionally motorists use the right-of-way at will. The cars (a 100+ year-old Brill design from the US) and the old buildings
make very picturesque scenes, despite the unfortunate advertising wraps.
3. This car was about to depart the Massarelos station for a trip on the hilly line to the city center. The building in the background houses the Tram Museum.

Date: 10/21/21 13:10
Re: A visit to Portugal--Porto's trams
Author: wpamtk

4. The line to the downtown seemed to be using only one car, running on a 30-minute headway.
5. Here's a car along the river, passing through the middle of a sidewalk cafe, between the building and the tables. People seem to take little notice of cars passing within inches of them, and I never heard an operator sound a gong or whistle as they passed through seas of people and vehicles.
6. Porto also has a modern and extensive light rail/metro system that keeps to the higher elevations of the city. Here, a train crosses the Douro on a high bridge. 

Date: 10/21/21 14:38
Re: A visit to Portugal--Porto's trams
Author: wag216

i love anything about with 216. You have MADE MY DAY!
Thank you, wag216  William A. (Art) Gibson Jr,

Date: 10/22/21 10:24
Re: A visit to Portugal--Porto's trams
Author: mile250

Great shot of the high bridge. I noticed at least two construction cranes on the hill. In Europe, they seem to use them for every project, even when they would  not be considered necessary in N. America. I wonder how often they have collapse/tip accidents.

Date: 10/22/21 12:33
Re: A visit to Portugal--Porto's trams
Author: Lackawanna484

Good selection of pictures, thanks for sharing them.

I loved the trolley barn filled with vintage equipment.  I don't know how they select which equipment will be used on these heritage routes.

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