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Date: 05/25/22 08:18
Author: 86235

In the far north east corner of the Czech Republic, near the border of Poland and Slovakia lies the small town of Bohumín. It's really a satellite of Ostrava, but has an important railway station where passenger power is exchanged between PKP (Poland), ZSSK (Slovakia) and CD (Czech Republic). Dwatry and I were there last Sunday week for a couple of hours in the afternoon. It was busy.

1: Within a couple of minutes of us walking on to the station this train operated by petrochemical company Unipetrol arrived from the east. It could have come from either Poland or Slovakia or even from one of the industrial line which circumnavigate Ostrava. The locomotive is a Siemens Vectron
2: Two minutes later a CD Cargo 362 arrived on a long train of what looked like new Innofreight timber carriers.
3: But perhaps most interesting were the two international passenger trains which exchange coaches at Bohumín; EC/IC 115 Cracovia from Prague to Przemyšl and EC/IC130 Bathory from Budapest to Terespol. As I'm sure many of you will know Przemyšl is on the Poland / Ukraine border whilst Terespol, on the west bank of the River Bug, is opposite Brest-Litovsk in Belarus. Here are two of the coaches off the Bathory which will be attached to the Cracovia to be taken forward to Przemyšl. The locomotive is a PKP Intercity 160 kph EP09.

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Date: 05/25/22 08:28
Re: Bohumín
Author: 86235

4: The departure board
5: Another passenger operator within the Czech Republic (and in other countries) is Regiojet. As well as operating open access services in competition with CD they also operate a number of services tendered by the local provincial governments, including the regional service from Bohumín-Ostrava-Olomouc-Brno. This Bombardier Traxx class 388 is running round the cars which will form R1120 14:31 departure to Brno.
6: ODOS is an Ostrava based freight operator, 181 064-7 is a 58 year old Skoda built six axle locomotive which would have spent much of its career banking heavy freight trains over the summit of the Prague to Košice mainline at Strba, in the foothills of the Tatra Mountains.

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Date: 05/25/22 08:39
Re: Bohumín
Author: 86235

7: EC130 arrives from Budapest and Bratislava behind a ZSSK class 350 Gorilla, a dual voltage version of České dráhy's 150s and 151s
8: Typical, get to a stop light and a man with a bucket and a squeegy suddenly appears.
9: A final shot before relocating for the departure of the two international trains, a CityElefant EMU on a local suburban service to Ostrava Svinov

Date: 05/25/22 08:57
Re: Bohumín
Author: 86235

From Bohumín station we relocated to a footcrossing over the railway at the apex of a triangle of lines about 2 kms to the west. Passenger trains from Bohumín heading in the direction of Katowice use the east to north curve, whilst freight trains heading from Poland towards Ostrava, which want to avoid Bohumín use the north to west curve.
10: At 15:21 the late running IC115 Cracovia to Przemyšl behind PKP Intercity EP09 038, consisting of three CD cars and two MAV cars from Budapest. In normal times Cracovia would also carry through RZhD sleeping cars from Prague to Moscow which it would exchange with the Bathory here at Bohumín.
11: Before the Bathory a RCG - Rail Cargo Group - train of box wagons carrying Polish coal, presumably for the Liberty Steel steelworks in Ostrava. RCG is a subsidiary of the Austrian Federal railways, hence the ÖBB Vectron. It took the avoiding line
12: And finally at 15:28 here's IC130 Bathory sans the Moscow sleepers. I guess by the time it reaches Terespol, which is a small town of only 5000 on the west bank of the River Bug, the train consists of no more than a couple of cars, now there's no longer any cross border traffic.

More pictures here https://nick86235.smugmug.com/Trains/2022/Czechia-May-2022/i-m8JTHqm

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Date: 05/27/22 08:48
Re: Bohumín
Author: gobbl3gook

Nice photos.  Jealous!  

Ted in UT

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