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European Railroad Discussion > Freight at Acton Main Line (UK) April 6 2023

Date: 04/30/23 08:05
Freight at Acton Main Line (UK) April 6 2023
Author: erielackawanna

On my recent trip to London I wound up going to Acton three different mornings to try and see some freight trains. Of course, the one morning I actually saw a bunch of trains was the rainy/cloudy one. The EMD Class 66s (JT42CWR) are fascinating to me. On April 6, I got to see a rainbow of liveries on them. 

Image one is of a DB Cargo UK Class 66 backing onto what would be train 6M58 to Quainton Railhead. I saw this train build every morning I was in Acton.

Image two is Freightliner (G&W) 6O27 A to Hothfield Siding. While you can't really tell, it started raining as this train showed up. I got a couple rain drops on my lens (without my realizing it) and frames of this closer were ruined. You can see the "damage" to the image already on the left bumper. I'm guessin the larger drop that wrecked the rest of my images landed on the lens after I snapped this shot.

Image three is Freightliner (green scheme) to Theale Hanson. This was the beggining of a sudden parade of westbounds that I caught with a young British fan who appeared on the platform.


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Date: 04/30/23 08:09
Re: Freight at Acton Main Line (UK) April 6 2023
Author: erielackawanna

Image four is GB Railfreight 4O64 to Southampton (my American perspective was that I wanted to call this a stack train, but of course with British clearances there's no such thing).

Image five is a DB Cargo UK 6A58 ending its run from Langley Reception here in Acton behind an English, Welsh & Scottish Class 66 (looking oh so Wisconsin Central).

Image six is of the first train, 6M58, still in the marshaling yard as I left back for London.


Date: 04/30/23 18:49
Re: Freight at Acton Main Line (UK) April 6 2023
Author: krm152

Your Class 66 photos are excellent.  Thanks for posting them.

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