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European Railroad Discussion > Ukraine targets Russian held railways, Russia builds new railways

Date: 10/12/23 08:20
Ukraine targets Russian held railways, Russia builds new railways
Author: Lackawanna484

The Wall Street Journal has an article in today's edition about the efforts by Ukraine to target railways and highways used to support the Russian occupiers in eastern Ukraine.  In a sign of how seriously the Russians view this effort, they are building new railways deeper inside the area, out of reach of Ukrainian artillery.  The (former) Ukrainian rail lines are a critical lifeline for fuel and ammunition moving from Russia to the front lines.

Although the building efforts have been expedited, it is unclear when the new supply lines will be available . The effective range of Ukraine's artillery is about 50 miles, although new weapons from the US will expand that to about 100-120 miles.  If the supply lines on the "land bridge" are broken, that will put all the re-supply efforts on the Strait of Kerch bridges, which hve been attacked in the past.

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