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Date: 11/09/23 21:09
Some Czech Highlights
Author: dwatry

Here are some highlights from a recent trip that TOer 86235 and I took to the Czech Republic.  This time we stayed 3 nights in Ústí nad Labem and made daytrip forays from there, and so we spent a couple of evenings after dinner hanging out at the Ústí station, which has a lot of train activity late into the evening and is quite entertaining. 

1) On the way to Ústí, we went by way of the Sokolovská Uhelná (Sokolov Coal Co.) in Sokolov, in hopes of seeing some of their 3-unit Skoda 27E2 electrics in action.  This is a large lignite mine, and we managed to catch 5 trains moving, all empties being pushed back to the loader.     First shot from the highway bridge over the tracks.
2) More Sokolovská Uhelná -  this time shot from a staircase going down to trackside - convenient for railfans!
3)  Here's a shot from our hotel looking northeast along the Labem (Elbe) River.  This is a Děčín-Prague semi-fast, which runs every hour.    We stayed at the Interhotel Bohemia in Ústí, which is a remnant of the Soviet era, but very serviceable.  On a previous visit we stayed at the nearby Pivovar Hotel Na Rychtě, which has a very nice brewery on the main floor, but that was full this time.

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Date: 11/09/23 21:18
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: dwatry

4)  Here's another Děčín-Prague semi-fast, this one barreling through Neštědice.
5)  In addition to the semi-fasts, the other main attraction as far as loco-hauled trains between Ústí and Děčín are the EuroCity (EC) trains, which run between Prague and Berlin every 2 hours.  These all have a restaurant car and are very nice trains.  Some are extended to Budapest or Hamburg, or other more far-flung destinations.    They almost always have a CD Siemens Vectron on the point, however, as shown here on this Berlin-Prague train.    Most are run with CD stock, but some of the Budapest trains run with MAV stock.
6)  Here's another one of the EC trains - this one a Prague-Berlin train.   The train is in Germany (Schöna) here, but I'm standing in Hřensko in the Czech Republic to shoot the picture, with the Labem (Elbe) in between. 


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Date: 11/09/23 21:25
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: dwatry

7)  We poked slightly into Germany and got this shot of another EC train in Königstein.  I believe this is the Hungaria, a Budapest-Hamburg train.  Not surprisingly, there were other railfans at this photo vantage point when we hiked up to it!
8)  Same location - but this time a Metrans container train behind a Vectron.
9)  A big attraction in this part of Germany is the Kirnitzschtalbahn, which is a metre-gauge side-of-the-road tramway that goes up a narrow valley from Bad Schandau, serving a variety of spa hotels that are scattered up the valley.    Here's a 3-car train coming down the valley toward Bad Schandau. 

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Date: 11/09/23 21:31
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: dwatry

10) RegioJet Pesa EMU running along the right bank of the Labem (not the bank with the most passenger trains) near Těchlovice.  You can see the left bank line just above the EMU. 
11)  We waited a long time for this train!   In the rain!   A southbound Metrans intermodal behind an Alstom Traxx locomotive along the right bank line of the Labem at Těchlovice.
12)  Freight on the left bank passing Hrad Střekov. 

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Date: 11/09/23 21:36
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: dwatry

13) A "City Elefant" EMU set on a Prague-Ústí local working in Dolní Zálezly.
14) Freight on the right bank line at Žalhostice.
15) Early morning freight in Ústí behind a pair of PKP "Goggles".

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Date: 11/09/23 21:42
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: dwatry

16) Two-car Tatra T-3 train in Liberec.  The Liberec system is all T-3s except for one EVO2 set.  Unfortunately the last T-2s are retired. 
17)  Tatra T-3 with low floor section at Vratislavice nad Nisou.  This is the termporary terminal for the interurban line to Jablonec while they are renewing the track.  The newest of these T-3s with the low floor section in the middle were delivered to Liberec in 2021.  T3s were first built in 1960, so this model and derivatives were in production for 61 years!
18)  Arriva (DB) DMU at Malá Skála.

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Date: 11/09/23 21:50
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: dwatry

19)  Evening train at Ústí - probably a Děčín-Chomutov train, made up of some of the "Honecker" cars - suburban configuration cars built in the DDR. 
20)  Train from Cheb to Prague departing for Prague.   These trains reverse at Ústí and they add/subtract locos here.  The efficiency of the locomotive change is amazing to watch if you are used to the amount of time US railroads take to do this kind of maneuver. 
21)  Prague Line 22 two-car train made up of Tatra T-3s in Vinohrady.  It's 10pm and the streetcars are still jammed!

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Date: 11/10/23 00:50
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: IC_2024

Amazing coverage — would love to go across the “big pond” someday and check out the RR action!
Your last photo has “McDonald’s” in it with an ad for the “Big tasty!” Back in 2005, I was in China chasing the last of steam with the Pacific Locomotive Association and we stopped at a McDonald’s in Beijing — definitely different from the US version!

Date: 11/10/23 01:47
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: 86235

Marvellous, a great reflection of our visit.

Date: 11/10/23 02:51
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: dan

breath taking!

Date: 11/10/23 10:47
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: boejoe

Terrific set of photos.  Some interesting and picturesque scenery.
Photos 1 & 2 reminded me of the "Krocodile" freight locos in Switzerland.  Being in the Czech Republic, I'll call these  "Alley Gators" - LOL
The suspension bridge with one supporting tower in photo 3 is most unusual.

Date: 11/10/23 14:41
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: gbmott

Really nice selection.  Those industrial electrics are real beasts!

Date: 11/10/23 18:44
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: NMlurker

Excellent coverage. Those big red electrics are amazing. Images 7 and 8 are beautiful. 15 is also a favorite. I assume you are on the end of a platform, but it looks like you are right in the middle of the tracks.

Date: 11/11/23 06:38
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: dwatry

NMlurker - yes in #15 we are on the far end of the second platform. The location for #7 and 8 - we had seen photos posted on Trainspo taken at that location and just kind of figured out by dead reckoning how to get there (and Google Maps!). It’s on a steep, narrow footpath, so you have to park down in the town and hike up. It’s worth it!

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Date: 11/11/23 15:15
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: Ritzville

Excellent series!!


Date: 11/12/23 00:00
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: 55002

Great coverage.  Love those big red electrics.  Chris uk.

Date: 11/14/23 07:06
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: ironmtn

55002 Wrote:
> Great coverage.  Love those big red electrics.
>  Chris uk.

Second that motion! A fine set, and one more reason why a visit to the Czech Republic is on my list. Thanks much.


Date: 12/13/23 20:37
Re: Some Czech Highlights
Author: 90mac

The BEAST!!!

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