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Railroaders' Nostalgia > Nothing personal...

Date: 11/07/16 11:39
Nothing personal...
Author: Copy19

I mentioned In the "nuclear button post" that I met Kansas City Southern boss Mike Haverty.  This happened in the run-up to the Union Pacific - Southern Pacific combination.  I was in the UP delegation attending a series of hearings in Texas where we were getting beat on competitors who wanted various conditions that would blut what they saw as negative impacts on their interests.  Among them was KCS but I really don't recall know now much of what KCS said. 

What I can't forget though was Conrail at each hearing demanding a dramatic extension of their system into the Southwest at our expense.  I guess my face gave away my feelings as we all retired into a hallway during a break to regroup and brace for the next round.  Mr. Haverty caught my eye and walked over and introduced himself. 

He was very friendly as we shook hands and said:  "It's nothing personal.  It's  just business."  We began to chat and he told how he liked the painting I did of a Kansas City Union Station night scene featuring Rock Island, KCS and Santa Fe diesel-powered passenger trains in their classic paint schemes.  He told he had a lot memories from those roads and then told me they had a print of the painting hanging in their boardroom. 

He grinned and told me next time I was in Kansas City to drop by and see him.  I never did, but that chance meeting really made me feel better.  Who knows what might have been. 

JB - Omaha 


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Date: 11/07/16 19:05
Re: Nothing personal...
Author: mdo

Did you know that Mike Haverty actually started on the MP.  He was the AVPO for the SantaFe during te SP-ATSF merger attempts
That is when I got to know him. A master railroader.

Date: 11/07/16 20:15
Re: Nothing personal...
Author: Copy19

Yes, I know he and Dick Davidson go back and had quite a history.  BTW count me in as a defender of Mr. Davidson.  He was a railroader.
John Bromley - Omaha

Date: 11/09/16 11:46
Re: Nothing personal...
Author: rabidcats

"It's nothing personal.  It's  just business."  Ah, yes... favored phrases that accompany job cuts, line closures, plant shutdowns, pension grabs, employee dismissals, etc. ad nauseum.  As a brotherhood union rep for more years than I care to remember those words always ring hollow.  

Date: 11/09/16 16:55
Re: Nothing personal...
Author: Grande473

It's just business ~ doesn't the mafia say that?

Date: 11/17/16 14:53
Re: Nothing personal...
Author: wabash2800

Yes, that's what the God Father said to his wife when he lied about not killing her brother-in-law. He said he would never discuss "business" again.

Grande473 Wrote:
> It's just business ~ doesn't the mafia say that?

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