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Date: 11/22/16 09:46
Mean ole boys
Author: retcsxcfm

Way back in fifties while I was an apprentice in the heavy car shop.
The shops were called Gary for the area around them.Seaboard Air
Line Railroad in Tampa was the proud owner of the years old firetrap.Every
building was made of wood.But,that is not this story.
When I hired out there about 12-17 young "kids" about 18-21 years old.
They mixed with the "older" 24-34 carmen.The older guys were always
giving us a hard time and playing tricks on us,or putting us up to dastardly
no good.We called them ,"mean ole boys".
Usually everyday near the end of lunch a local on a scooter with a cooler
full of ice cream would stop by to sell his wares.
One day the "boys" threatened us to do one of nasty tricks.While they had
his attention,we would tie a chain around around the rear axle.They would then
prod the ice cream man into seeing how fast he could take off.Well,we all
know what happened.The ice cream man never came back.It was always
nervious for an outsider selling something to visit Gary Shop.They never knew
what the "mean ole boys" would be up to.

Uncle Joe,Seffner,Fl.

Date: 11/24/16 06:47
Re: Mean ole boys
Author: dpudave

More accurate name: bastards. d

Date: 11/24/16 10:18
Re: Mean ole boys
Author: Spirit-ofTheConrail7

Jerks that should have been sued.

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