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Railroaders' Nostalgia > Damn Spotters!

Date: 01/21/20 12:30
Damn Spotters!
Author: ExSPCondr

Where I was born and raised, (South Pasadena, Ca) once a month or so, our neighbor's grown son would come over to his parents house on a weekend with his family for a barbecue.  One of his high school friends had become a policeman in So Pas, and once in a while, he would come over for lunch on a Sunday afternoon in a police car.  This caused quite a stir among the neighbors, as they were all saying "the Bennetts are such nice people, what are the police doing there?"  Then my dad would have to explain that the cop was their son's friend, and he was just over for lunch.  As well as being a cop, he was also a railfan, and a Ham radio operator, who posted here under his ham license N6NVR.

One day while the PE was still operating to Pasadena, on a nice summer morning with all the car windows open, and before he was old enough to join the police force, he walked up to a streetcar on Fair Oaks and said to the motorman, "Hey Art, how about a ride up front?"  Art's reply was: "Naw, you never know when one of those damn spotters will be on board."

Everyone here has figured out by now that there was indeed a spotter on board, because Art got invited in to see the Superintendent for a "discussion of his attitude." 

In my last post, I asked a trivia question about what happened in about 1971, and as we all can see, there has been a correct answer.
That question was pretty tough, so how about a REALLY tough one.  (This one goes back twenty years before the previous question...)

1. Who was the PE motorman?  (There is a hint in the story above.)
2. Who was the railfan?              (REALLY TUFF!)


Date: 02/01/20 21:31
Re: Damn Spotters!
Author: espee51

Well, I don't see anyone else taking a stab at it, so here's my answer:  The motorman was Art, and the railfan was the ham radio-operating policeman, N6NVR.  If I'm wrong...oh well, at least I'm giving it a try, right L-A-4-2 ???


Date: 02/07/20 17:36
Re: Damn Spotters!
Author: SanJoaquinEngr

Art Luckie ?

Posted from Android

Date: 02/07/20 21:36
Re: Damn Spotters!
Author: ExSPCondr

SanJoaquinEngr Wrote:
> Art Luckie ?

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