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Date: 09/08/22 12:42
RIP SP Nudge
Author: oldhogheah

Got the news form Sellers wife, Seller B. Nugent passed away this morning, 9/8/2022.  Greatest story teller around.  He will be missed. 

Date: 09/08/22 13:06
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: the_expediter

Yes...may he Rest In Peace...Steve

Date: 09/08/22 15:30
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: CPCoyote

Very sorry to hear of Seller’s passing. Sad to lose a brother SP Coast engineer. Rest in Peace Nudge.

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Date: 09/08/22 16:17
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: johnw

Another ex SP Coast engineer here. Since I worked mostly out of San Francisco and Seller worked out of San Luis Obispo I'm not sure that I ever met him during my career but I greatly enjoyed his posts about rairoading on the Coast here on Trainorders. As another poster commented, what a great story teller! Too bad he never got around to writing that book! Rest in peace Nudge.

Date: 09/08/22 19:02
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: dmaffei

One of the things I enjoy on this forum is SP folks perspectives and stories. His were interesting and entertaining. RIP
His postings:

Date: 09/08/22 20:48
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: WAF

He was quite the story teller of the SP. these guys we're that old. Too much diesel smoke I guess. RIP, Nudge. High green

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Date: 09/08/22 22:09
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: 3rdswitch

Condolences to friends and family. His comments were appreciated and will be sorely missed.

Date: 09/11/22 11:51
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: OHCR1551

🙏🏼 for those who knew him better. We sure enjoyed his stories.

Rebecca Morgan
Jacobsburg, OH

Date: 09/12/22 12:52
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: ironmtn

Very sad news indeed. As with so many other members, I always enjoyed Nudge's stories...and learned a fair bit of down-to-earth SP Coast Line railroading from them. Rest in Peace, Nudge.


Date: 09/13/22 08:13
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: shastalake

Sellar Nugent / EngineerCoast/Shasta/Oregon Divisions

Date: 09/13/22 09:50
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: Trainhand



Date: 09/14/22 05:44
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: rantoul

You Can Still Ride A Train In Marin, CA    Independent-Journal, Saturday, March 18, 1961   The Raccoon Gulch Lines Offer Friendly Rail Service    by Dick Steinheimer

Raccoon Gulch Lines - IBLS

Date: 09/16/22 08:55
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: spider1319

Sorry to hear this sad news.Great story teller and great recaller of history.Bill Webb

Date: 09/17/22 21:35
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: Mulberry

Such a great man and story teller. My regards to his family.

Date: 09/19/22 07:37
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: Searat

Jim, Thanks for the sad news on Seller.  He was a huge character.  When I took over as BLE griever in SLO town, he made it his mission to "school me' on how to conduct business; Interwoven with lots of yarns, arm waving, hollering, and generally being himself full blast.  Even after things went South in SLO  and we all scattered, we stayed in touch some.  He was in Oregon, I was in Washington. We kept up with some of the diaspora and had stories to share.  His were always better.  

Michael Sarratt
Twisp, WA

Date: 09/20/22 10:46
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: cewherry

Sorry to read of Sellar's passing. My condolences go out to his family for their loss.
Although I never had the privilege of working with Sellar, I feel I knew him through
his contributions here on Trainorders.

For those who never met him I am attaching a photo showing Sellar while attending
Southern Pacific's engineer training school in 1971--he's at the far right, front row.
Rest in peace, Sellar.

Regards and prayers.

Charles Wherry 

Date: 09/20/22 19:17
Re: RIP SP Nudge
Author: ironmtn

Thanks for posting this image. It is really interesting to see Sellar at that time in his career. 

I never met him, and am not a railroader, but I always enjoyed his posts and stories. I have to say that neither that image, nor the one on his obituary webpage, fit my mental image of him from his stories, and some very enjoyable private messages that I had with him.  He had a posting and storytelling style that created a mental image of a a somewhat older looking man. Just as with radio personalities whom you come to know by their voice, and then form a mental image from that, it can be a surprise, and often a pleasant one, when you finally see their image, or meet them.

Condolences again to Sellar's family, friends and former SP colleagues. He will surely be missed by them, as well as by his Trainorders acquaintances and friends.


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