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Date: 02/20/23 09:46
SP Ambush at Oxnard
Author: ApproachCircuit

Weed Weasels caught non RR  Female in Cab of Engine!
Now there was a real party type engineer who spent his time in the Oxnard area working locals, goats and the VC RR.
A real good guy and lots of fun. Probably the #1 hogger on the seniority list for having a fun day everyday..
Yes if you wanted a good time just call RB!
So one night he was on a goat working the Oxnard area. Now just short of entering the yard, the engine stopped and momentarilly later a
female lighted from the power! The engine then proceeded to enter the yard where TM Giles and an ATM were watching from
an  automobile. You can now guess what happened. I don't have the final details as this was related to me by an ATM.
Well alot of us had women in the cabs over the years! Why not? If they would sit on our laps all the  better.
But thats a Company No-No.
Do this at your own risk!

JJ Bucksnort

Date: 02/20/23 16:36
Re: SP Ambush at Oxnard
Author: radar

That was before inward facing cameras.

Date: 02/20/23 19:15
Re: SP Ambush at Oxnard
Author: Trainhand

A lot of things happened before the inward facing cameras.


Date: 02/20/23 20:12
Re: SP Ambush at Oxnard
Author: ExSPCondr

Wow," for a fun time, call RB."  Where do we start?

The day Oxnard switcher tips over five loaded boxcars on the outside of a curve in the P & G plant.  Excess speed anyone?
Bobby is told to wait around and give a sample, but instead he leaves.  We can all guess why.  He did go home and call his griever who told him a suspension for Rule G would be nothing compared to a dismissal for Rule 801 which was insubordination.  Rule 801 meant a year off, and the company could have let him take it to the Labor Board, and they might have made it permanent.  So he came back and gave a sample, which I think was something like 400 nanograms. 

Bobby said he didn't do anything, he was just around some people at lunch that were smoking.  The SP had a Pathologist at the investigation who testified that for a reading that high, he would have had to be in a VW with 3 other adults chain smoking for seven hours?

Remembering the SP guaranteed cutoff engineers a job firing, AW went on the night job with RB.  Bill Giles gets word that only AW or RB are actually working, but both names are on the timeslip.  So he tells Jim Denton to "check out the crew."  What he expected Denton to do was  drive down and watch the engine from the street and see who showed up.  Then call him the next morning, and two of us would have been sent out that night to watch the engine all night.
Jim didn't get what he was supposed to do, so he called the depot at 7pm and asked to talk to Alex.  They said he's not here yet..  (Its Bobby's night to work.)  About 715 Alex calls the crew dispatcher from MAMMOTH, a four hour drive, and lays off with car trouble.

Bobby has some extra curricular activity lined up, so he gets a buddy to call the house and act like its a crew dispatcher.  He calls and tells Bobby's wife that "they arre out of men, and Bobby is forced to make a trip from LA to Bakersfield."  Of course she gives the phone to Bobby who makes a big show about you can't do that I'm regular on this outside job, etc.  He finally gives up and tells his wife he'll be back in about four days.

The only problem with this  was that they were out of men, and they called the layoof board looking for people to work.  It took a while for the crew dispatcher to explain to Bobby's wife that they hadn't called him to go to Bakersfield, because he was laid off, they wouldn't have called anybody off an outside job, and he'd been laid off for two days!


Date: 02/21/23 19:22
Re: SP Ambush at Oxnard
Author: irhoghead

This thread just goes to show that railroading used to be fun. Sometimes, a lot of fun.

Date: 02/22/23 07:07
Re: SP Ambush at Oxnard
Author: Drknow


Posted from iPhone

Date: 02/22/23 07:39
Re: SP Ambush at Oxnard
Author: TAW

ApproachCircuit Wrote:
> Now just short of entering the yard, the
> engine stopped and momentarilly later a
> female lighted from the power!

BN Bellingham WA could be a little wild west in the mid-70s.

One night, the Night New West local crew hired a woman on the street for... well... what one hires a woman on the street for. They put her on the caboose, ran to Arco to pick up a train of export pet coke, ran to Roberts Bank, dumped it, took the empties back to Arco, ran light to Bellingham, and sent her on her way.

They crossed the border twice, into Canada and back into the US with their secret passenger.

The trainmaster was a dedicated nine to fiver, so no problem. But, Customs and Immigration, US and Canada? That's taking some serious chances. That crew got away with a lot of stuff, and I was well accustomed to it, but that one captured my amazement, one might say.



Date: 02/22/23 19:10
Re: SP Ambush at Oxnard
Author: Trainhand

When the Fernandina Rocket ran from Waycross to Fernandina Beach, FL down the Everette sub, both sides stopped under I-95 overpass and picked up two rather large women every afternoon and took them to Fernandina every night. I don't know what went on the cab, or how they got back home. I never asked questions.

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