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Eastern Railroad Discussion > CSX Meets the "Great Pumpkin"

Date: 10/24/05 06:40
CSX Meets the "Great Pumpkin"
Author: cinder

Eastbound CSX Q276 meets the "Great (CSX) Pumpkin" while descending Sand Patch grade between the NA and Philson signals in PA on October 17. No photoshop here....the pumpkin is sitting on a ledge about ten feet above the tracks.

Date: 10/24/05 07:17
Re: CSX Meets the
Author: ddavies

Same pumpkin as last year ;-)

Date: 10/24/05 07:22
"That looks like a healthy............
Author: cinder

......pumpkin to me Dave. Yes, this pumpkin will have a long life....and it looks a lot bigger if you actually subscribe to TO....Dave.

Date: 10/24/05 07:45
Author: ddavies

I've seen it in real life, you did a good job on it.

Date: 10/24/05 08:39
Re: Re:
Author: Nbetween

Why are the headlights off on this " MEET "

Date: 10/24/05 13:46
Re: Re:
Author: EL-SD45-3632

Nbetween Wrote:
> Why are the headlights off on this " MEET "

They are off to tell the crew of the other train that they are not moving.

Date: 10/24/05 13:55
Headlights on.....Headlights off
Author: cinder

This train was moving downgrade at approximately 25mph.

Date: 10/24/05 18:56
Re: Headlights on.....Headlights off
Author: ddavies

Actually, the pumpkin is Chessie, not CSX.

He may have had a meet and forgot to turn them back on.

Date: 10/24/05 19:31
Re: Headlights on.....Headlights off
Author: cs16

I'm surprised the crew didn't call in a 'suspicious pumpkin' and have Homeland security straffe it with an A-10 :)

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