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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Rockport, Florida?

Date: 02/12/06 16:34
Rockport, Florida?
Author: tkxet

Is this in the Tampa area? Doing a mapqest was no help as it said there was no such place!

Date: 02/12/06 17:24
Re: Rockport, Florida?
Author: stevelv

Rockport is the name of the port that unloads phosphate from RR cars to ships. I guess it's not the name of a town if you couldn't find it on Mapquest. Try this site http://www.flrails.com/ They have a forum which you can post this question to.

Date: 02/12/06 17:34
Re: Rockport, Florida?
Author: AC4400CWGEVO

Yes Rockport is in the Tampa area... per this quote..

Port Sutton: Port facilities are located in extreme northeastern Hillsborough Bay southeast of Davis Island and to the south of Rockport. The port is part of the urbanized city of Tampa and extends into the entrance of McKay Bay.

Hope this helps you.


tkxet Wrote:
> Is this in the Tampa area? Doing a mapqest was no
> help as it said there was no such place!

Date: 02/12/06 17:37
Re: Rockport, Florida?
Author: AC4400CWGEVO

Extra bonus...

I found this page..



Date: 02/12/06 18:01
Re: Rockport, Florida?
Author: csxt4617

It's just south of Uceta/Yeoman yards, on US 41. Maybe 3 or 4 miles. It's on the west
side of US 41, and the tracks cross it leading into the yard (there's a wye from
the main east of US 41) I doubt you can get back in there anymore. About 15 years
ago I was there and the guys there said I could take pictures as long as I stayed along
the road/driveway and didn't cross any tracks. I think that was the last year they had
all the U36B/MATE slug sets. Saw about a half dozen of them there, and was glad
I got the opportunity to shoot them.

Date: 02/12/06 18:42
Re: Rockport, Florida?
Author: tkxet

Thanks all! I knew someone had to know where the heck this place was!!

Thanks Again!!

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