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Date: 01/14/07 07:13
F Units???
Author: DieselDog

I was told that there were F u nits in Lynchburg,VA yesterday.Does anyone kow if there are still there? if not were might they be? thanks in advance.....

Date: 01/14/07 07:30
AC&W F-units
Author: B36-7

The 5 F units are in Richmond, Va. @ Acca Yd. on CSXT. Look for them to go south probably tonight to Rocky Mount then onto Hamlet.

Date: 01/14/07 09:43
Re: AC&W F-units
Author: cs

Two As and a B unit are heading to the Aberdeen, Carolina, & Western Railroad in Starr, NC. Not sure where the others are heading.

Here's some photos (I did not take them)


Chris Hamby
Richmond, VA

Date: 01/14/07 11:02
You lucky dog!
Author: wabash2800

Sometimes I dream of things like that, like being trackside and seeing some unidentified covered wagons or steam locomotives going by in a freight. But for you it was real. LOL

Date: 01/14/07 12:17
Re: F Units
Author: br549

What is the ACWR going to do with those units?

Date: 01/14/07 13:07
Re: AC&W F-units
Author: Clinchfield3000

All of them are going to the AC&W. Two of them are on loan.

Michael Ridenhour
WSS Engineer

Date: 01/14/07 14:33
Re: AC&W F-units
Author: bnsf

How often does this shortline run?

Date: 01/14/07 16:43
Re: AC&W F-units
Author: billsmith

any clue to the history of these units as to where from

one looks like ex-milwalkee

I have 814 somewhere or at least one numbered like this

Date: 01/14/07 16:57
Re: AC&W F-units
Author: NateF40Amtrak

In the summer of 2005, I was able to take some pictures of unit 82C rusting away on the OC. It looks like the OC did some sand blasting on her to remove years of rust and dirt. Hopefully, they will breath life back into 82C.

Here are some links to pictures I have to OC units listed in this post.

Here is my blog post that contains more information and other links pertaining to 82C.

Enjoy the information!


Date: 01/14/07 20:32
Re: AC&W F-units
Author: lapklub

I thought I had missed them but, they came in last night to Richmond. I found them in Acca Yard this morning. Heard they will probably go out tonight, possibly on Q451 ?????

Date: 01/14/07 20:34
Re: AC&W F-units
Author: lapklub

Here's the other two.

Date: 01/16/07 19:15
Author: Mgoldman

Anyone know the parts, or the full story?

What is the AC&W?
Where did each of the 5 units come from?
Why did the OC buy them only to turn around and sell them so quickly?

- and slightly off topic - how many F's did the OC get and how many
are left?


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