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Date: 07/04/07 18:44
Broad Street station of Richmond, Virginia photos
Author: GP35

Was in the Richmond, Virginia area this July 4th and decided to check out the historic Broad Street Station now the home of the Science Museum of Virginia. Visiting this museum was well worth the visit and the $10.00 entrance fee paid for to access the exhibits. To access the IMAX movies offered you'll pay a bit more than the general Exhibit Pass that I bought.

The science museum is very family oriented with numerous hands on displays for kids as well as adults to enjoy. If your a railfan with kids this is the museum for your family. I'll share a few photo's with you but it shows just a little bit of what the museum offers.

First pic is the front of the RF&P/ACL Broad Street station.

Second pic is inside the front lobby area viewed from the second floor.

Third pic is of RF&P business car ONE residing at the station. There are two other RF&P passenger train cars one used as a party car and the other for the wonderplace looking at my museum brochure.

Date: 07/04/07 18:54
Re: Broad Street station of Richmond, Virginia photos
Author: GP35

Fourth pic is a streetcar that the museum has and it is named Elisabeth S. Bocock with the number 192. Science Museum of Virginia is spelled out on the roof line.

Fifth pic is a huge C&O Kanawah steam locomotive on display. It has a smoke unit that blows smoke out the stack about every 7 minutes or so. The headlight also briefly illuminates and a recorded sound of a steam whistle toots a couple of times. Neat but all this lasts only a few seconds so I had to be on my feet and ready to take this photo.

Sixth pic is a former Chessie System B&O baywindow caboose # 904090.

Date: 07/05/07 12:28
Re: Broad Street station of Richmond, Virginia photos
Author: rresor

I've been to the Science Museum, but I miss old Broad Street Station. Prior to the SCL merger, Seaboard trains moved from Main Street to Broad Street (c. 1963?) and the unique track arrangement at the station produced an unusual situation. The station was located on a complete loop of track. SB ACL trains entered the station facing south, did their station work, then ran around the loop, crossed the throat tracks at the north end of the station, and turned south on the "belt line" toward Petersburg. SAL trains used to run down the east side of the loop and diverge to Main Street; when they started calling at Broad Street, SB SAL trains would enter the station pointing north; they would then back halfway around the loop and head south on the track through Main Street. I did this move a number of times, and was always interested that the "Champion" and "Meteor" were in the station at the same time, both southbound, but pointed in opposite directions!

In those days, RF&P power (always two E8As, back to back) came off at Broad Street, and either ACL power (three purple Es, elephant-style) or four Seaboard Es (A-B-B-A) went on for the rest of the trip.

Date: 07/05/07 19:25
Re: Broad Street station of Richmond, Virginia photos
Author: Chessie2018

It seems like I might have to see that 904090 one day since TVRM has C&O 904133

Jason Trew
TVRM/C&O 904133 caretaker

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