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Date: 11/20/00 21:54
NS SD70M locations
Author: halfmoonharold

2581-Reading,PA 951; 2582-Oakwood,MI to 197(?); 2583-Knoxville,TN 459; 2584-Chicago 307; 2585-Harrisburg,PA 13W; 2586-Linwood,NC; 2587-to Allentown,PA leads X8A; 2588-Ashtabula,OH 63W; 2589-to Buffalo on 12W, power=9436-2589 plus 7 CN 9400/9600-series units.

Date: 11/21/00 03:47
RE: NS SD70M locations
Author: PeachFuzz

Thanks again!

We missed ya there for awhile!

Fuzzy Peach

Date: 11/21/00 10:51
RE: NS SD70M locations
Author: CRsmurf


Thanks Half-Moon, Greatly appreciated. Also of note the 13W
which has the 2585, just passed my house near Johnstown,Pa.
at 1:40pm. 11/21/2000.

Tony K, CRsmurf

Date: 11/21/00 16:34
RE: NS SD70M locations
Author: CJ

Is there a trace somewhere that I can do this?

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