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Date: 01/13/01 16:52
What is Limestone Slurry?
Author: Ster2Block

I see alot of "Limestone Slurry" cars on the trains of CSX called the Q640 and Q641. I've even seen them sitting in a yard in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. What is Limestone Slurry and what is it used for?

Thanks, Tony

Date: 01/13/01 18:38
RE: What is Limestone Slurry?
Author: Odie

limestone slurry is used to clean coal burning power plants.It is used to remove the sulfur dioxide left behind from burning of the coal.This results in making gypsum which is then used in making

Date: 01/14/01 10:53
RE: What is Limestone Slurry?
Author: Dick

A lot of limestone slurry particularly that from Vermont in the Omya cars goes to paper makers and is used in whitening paper. Limestone slurry has other uses also. Can't give any other details. I'm not a paper chemist.
Dick Eisfeller
Big "E" Productions

Date: 01/15/01 18:28
RE: What is Limestone Slurry?
Author: howieagcrr

It is also mined and mixed here in Alabama,near Sylacauga. Shipped out to a lot of Paper Plants across the country.

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