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Date: 05/21/01 18:53
Old locomotives @ Cumberland,MD
Author: vacentral

I was wondering how many and what kind of old retired locomotives does Cumberland have by it's shops? I've heard they have several old retired locos sitting around. If they are there, are they close to were someone can photo them? Also, is an old RF&P motor (GP-35 ) still there? Thanks for all the help.

RF&P man

Date: 05/21/01 19:51
RE: Old locomotives @ Cumberland,MD
Author: local

I visited the Cumberland deadline a couple of weeks ago. I seen two retired CSX U18 B's in M of W pumpkin paint. I seen Chessie painted GP 40 # 6608. The RF&P gray and dark blue unit that sits on the deadline is GP40 # 6855. Also there was a CSX pumpkin painted GP40 in the deadline.

There were several maybe a dozen or so HLCX maroon and blue SD40(-2) type six axle lease locomotives stored next to the deadline CSX locomotives. I also seen about three HLGX C36-7E's in ex. NS black black paint stored along with the HLCX units.

There were many Helm, FURX, and CEFX lease units to spot around the shop complex. Made for a colorful roundhouse roundup.

As for photographing the deadline units, it probably can be done from the public road with a telephoto lens. Sorry I do not know the exact road name but it's just off of Virginia Lane.

Hope this helps some.

Date: 05/21/01 20:03
RE: Old locomotives @ Cumberland,MD
Author: vacentral

How close can you get to them? Is there a fence between the road and hte tracks? A telephotic lens means there are away from the road correct? I want a photo of the RF&P. Is it still in gray and blue and is it accessible? Thanks for the info...

Date: 05/21/01 20:22
RE: Old locomotives @ Cumberland,MD
Author: local

There is no fence between the public road and the the deadline units. It is a clean shot across the green grassy field view of the units. I believe CSX cuts the grass or contractor does it because I did notice the grass was not high at all.

When I was there a couple of weeks ago I did get a clean telephoto shot of the Chessie GP40 # 6608 from the entrance to the CSX private road which accesses the middle part of the yard by the hump. A CSX employee asked me about what I was doing in a friendly way and he said I could photograph the units as long as I did not venture too far from the entrance to the CSX private road.

As for photographing the RF&P GP40 from the CSX private road entrance it is hard to do because the unit is buried behind the pumpkin U18B's and the other deadiline units. At best it was just a nose shot the RF&P unit. Unfortunately the unit has it RF&P logos painted out but it is still in weathered RF&P blue and gray.

The helm units can also be a telephoto shot from the entrance to the CSX private road.

Hope this helps some more.

Date: 05/21/01 21:01
RE: Old locomotives @ Cumberland,MD
Author: blair

This worked so well yesterday I'm going to do it again. Downtown Cumberland is at the top of this MapBlast! map. The storage line used to be adjacent to East Offut Street, but I haven't been there in years.


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