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Eastern Railroad Discussion > 250 ton crane

Date: 12/18/12 16:30
250 ton crane
Author: m1bprr

For Brian 250 ton crane at Railroader's Memorial Museum at Altoona PA.
Ed K.cp Laurel Run

Date: 12/18/12 17:16
Re: 250 ton crane
Author: jmbreitigan

Now that is one big crane.

Date: 12/19/12 06:28
Re: 250 ton crane
Author: wmfan3798

I wonder if there are only two of them preserved? Here is the Conway crane at the Pennsylvania State Railroad museum.


Date: 12/19/12 07:09
Re: 250 ton crane
Author: Southern3205

Um, D___, if they can lift 250 tons, what do they weigh? I need to see one of these in person.

Date: 12/19/12 08:46
Re: 250 ton crane
Author: jwl1973

In September, 2 former NS cranes were at a scrap yard in Ashland, KY . . . and were scrapped a few days after my son took these photos.

Date: 12/19/12 08:46
Re: 250 ton crane
Author: jwl1973

This was September 2010 . . . .

Date: 12/19/12 14:35
Re: 250 ton crane
Author: CShaveRR

CNW 6359, preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum, is a 250-ton hook.

Carl Shaver
Lombard, IL

Date: 12/20/12 16:07
Re: 250 ton crane
Author: wreckcrane

There are at least 5 ex-CR 250 ton derricks preserved.(or at least still around) 1 ex-PRR steam derrick in NY, 2 ex-NYC diesel derricks (1 in Pa and 1 in Ind), 1 ex-RDG diesel and 1 ex-Erie diesel, both in Pa. Had the opportunity to talk to the derrick operator that worked at Conway Yard. He is the person who painted the derrick blue after Conrail was formed. Steam derricks had more power than the diesel versions in his opinion. The last derrick he operated was the derrick now at Strasburg. I believe he said a derailment on the River Line was the last time he operated it(1993).


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