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Date: 07/24/02 13:37
Railfanning Erie,Pa
Author: railfanner

Going on vacation to Erie for a week starting August 2nd. Where are some of the better spots up in that area. I wont have alot of time to go railfanning maybe 6 hours or so. And where are the GE tracks?

-thanks brad

Date: 07/24/02 13:42
Re: Railfanning Erie,Pa
Author: toledopatch

With limited opportunities to railfan, your best hangouts are CP-89, which is near the I-79 bridge over the NS and CSX tracks and has a public road crossing running right through it, or the road crossing at the east end of the CSX Erie Yard, which is about MP 84. The GE plant is a mile east of the latter location, and the East Erie Commercial RR, GE's test track, parallels the main line through the open countryside east of there for a few miles. But it's hard to just "hang out" out there because there aren't any public crossings of the EEC that I can recall and only one or two in that area along the main line.

Date: 07/24/02 23:28
6 out of 168 is not good
Author: pizzaman

Only six hours out of an entire week???!!! I'd hang the travel agent!

If thats all you have time for, I'd suggest the bridge at the west end of the GE plant. At least there, you'll be able to get some good "above the action shots" on both the CSX and NS mains.

Needless to say, If I took you on one of my railfan trips in and around Erie, you'd probably be hospitalized for exhaustion after the second day!!!!

Date: 07/25/02 05:54
Okay pizza, what would you do?
Author: robbennett

Well there Mr. Pizza, just what would you do in a two day trip? I'm curious, as I live here, and am getting bored. You might have some good ideas I haven't thought of yet. I'm even to the point I might just run over to the Buffalo Line!

But they say, familiarity breeds contempt...

Date: 07/25/02 09:13
Re: Okay pizza, what would you do?
Author: railfanner

Well its hard to do a lot of railfanning when you have a family up there with you. If I was going there specifially to railfan I would probably be there three days and be out near the rails for at least 35 out of 72 hours. I dont live that far from Erie, 2 1/2 hours or so away. Just got back from a one week trip to Powder River so I'd rather not wast all my time looking at trains.


Date: 07/25/02 09:54
Re: Okay pizza, what would you do?
Author: pizzaman

Head for Deshler OH. and pig out on DERF!!!!!! Seriously though, Start at Greenwich, OH and do a city to city stop heading west, till you reach Deshler. Your stops would include: Willard, Attica, Tiffin, Fostoria and New Baltimore.

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