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Date: 08/12/02 06:17
CR coil car question
Author: gonx

I see lots of CR coil cars in my area and they usually have the brown protective hoods with the CR logo. How common are black hoods with the CR logo? Is this an old PC paint job or is NS painting them black in the shops?

Date: 08/12/02 09:49
Re: CR coil car question
Author: galen74

That’s a good question… but I thought PC’s coil cars and hoods were jade green like everything else? It may be that Conrail picked up some surplus hoods and painted them black. Or, they were black to begin with. Those coil car hoods mixed and matched all the time.

Galen Wright
Lynchburg, VA

Date: 08/12/02 10:00
Oops. Forgot about PC green!
Author: gonx

I should have realized that PC cars were green (saw one last month). The paint on this hood looked glossy so I think NS must be using its glorious paint.

Date: 08/12/02 11:11
Re: CR coil car question
Author: CRmac80

There were "several" coil cars that were done at Hollidaysburg,Pa just prior to the merger(split) that showed up with black hoods.There are even some Conrail side dump cars that were done in NS mow orange(instead of CR mow gray),but fully lettered for CR.My guess is that this is one of the last of the CR lettered hoods before the split.Looks like a "N scale" logo on a "HO" car!I'm kinda fond of the CSX treatment of the ex CR cars.Here is an example at Akron last month.RAD

Date: 08/13/02 00:10
Re: CR coil car question
Author: mp109

Notice that the two hoods on the CR car are different. I think that when it comes time to put a hood on a car they just pick up the nearest one and place it on the car, no matter if it came from that car or another one. In fact I think I've even seen hoods from different RR's on cars. So that black one may have at one time been on a black car.

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