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Date: 10/27/02 16:29
Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: xnj

Does anyone else not have their eye in the viewfinder while trackside and just
watching the action while kicked back?
Nothing against those that photo and produce some excellent results.
I own three SLR camera set ups with all the goodies and my favorite being a Contax
lllA from my Grandpa when he fought in WW2 and my trusty POS digital, but I
haven't used the film cameras in several years and more often than not never boot the
digital up choosing rather to just give a friendly wave to the crew and take in the sight
to the memory banks.
I suppose the one two punch of living trackside and the direction the hobby has gone
over the last several years has just left me jaded.
Hats off to folks that supply the photos here, but does anyone else just enjoy the
time spent trackside without photos?
BTW-I've also found that the crews are more receptive to you when they don't see a camera.


Date: 10/27/02 16:43
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: Chessie_8563

took no camera on my hike/bike to BG118 (kent) today.

Date: 10/27/02 16:43
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: scoobydoobydoo

XNJ makes a very good point,my freinds an i have gone places where someone with a camera may not be able to get in like the shops in erie,pa besides once you have it in here' your brain ' no one can ever take it away..scoobydoo out

Date: 10/27/02 17:07
Scooby E-mail me
Author: Chessie_8563

Date: 10/27/02 17:10
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: RRKen

I carry my camera's just about everywhere. That does not mean I take finger to shutter in every case. I suppose there is a time a place for everything.

I enjoy a good photograph as much as the next fan. And the times have not stopped me at all. In fact for me, nothing about this hobby, outside of this forum, has changed. I still explore new places and new angles. If anything, my patience for the results has changed. I am more willing to wait it out to get the shot I want.

I still go places and contemplate. When looking at the Hudson, WI depot, I wonder about it's past, it's haydays. And when I squeeze that trigger, it freezes all of those thoughts til sometime later. And I think all over again.

Mason City, IA

Date: 10/27/02 17:42
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: Ster2Block

They'e back!! Hey hey! They're back!!


Date: 10/27/02 17:58
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: waybill

No camera along for approx. ten years. Much easier to railfan, no "need" to trespass, much easier to visit with employees, life is good. However, there are undoubtedly legions out there "shooting" oncoming trains so we can again be treated to hours of 3/4 shots at the next fan club meeting. Ugh!! Toss in a few roster shots, and boredom leads to a near deathlike trance.

Date: 10/27/02 18:57
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: kenw

it's hobby for all types.

i won't leave without the camera, but for those of you who choose otherwise, that's perfectly fine with me.

You probably notice some details that will be invaluable to me some day when i sort my photos, and I'll probably have a picture to share with you of a special memory you wish to refresh.....

if we all did the same thing, i don't think it would be as much fun.

Date: 10/27/02 19:03
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: itstrue911

i never shoot photos,im all about the notes. id rather have a great logbook than great photos or videos.


Date: 10/27/02 19:04
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: U22C

You guys are so cool! What's next? Someone who sees or hears a train in the distance, and runs the other way with their eyes and ears covered? Someone so in to Railroad NON-Photography they move to Greenland or Antarctica so they call fully indulge their passion?

Date: 10/27/02 19:17
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: Chessie_8563

U22C wrote:

> You guys are so cool! What's next? Someone who sees or hears
> a train in the distance, and runs the other way with their eyes
> and ears covered? Someone so in to Railroad NON-Photography
> they move to Greenland or Antarctica so they call fully indulge
> their passion?
> [%sig%]

Nonphotographer railfans are hardly new, Even in the detail nut and bolt technicaly guys like myself.

Your insult was welcomed and shows alot about your personality.

Date: 10/27/02 19:43
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: cr3317

The best times had are usually the times when I haven't been shooting, usually owing to either boredom or weather conditions. I remember one miserable rainy day on the Middle Division and West Slope was pretty neat when it turned snowy and dark around Cassandra, PA. It was nice to just watch trains battle the mountain in those conditions.

Other great times have been had at night, with probably my favorites being in the summer evenings in Altoona and Cumberland. There's nothing like BS'ing and just watching trains leave those two towns.

More recently, we spent a day just watching trains and taking only real estate photos of homes along the mainline, so I guess you never know how its going to go!


Date: 10/27/02 19:48
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: peregrin

Sure. I do a little still photography, a little video, and lots and lots of watching. Even something like a photo runby of 3985 I'll force my eye out of the viewfinder at least once just to glory in all that steel going by "on the big screen."

Everybody gets their kicks in their own way. I was watching the Amtrak train action on the south side of Union Station in Chicago once and there was a guy there furiously jotting down car numbers. We got to talking and that was what he was into, just trying to get all the car numbers. I asked him if he had a favorite route he'd ridden and he looked at me like I was nuts. Ride them!?! Why would anybody want to do that?

It's all about what is interesting to you and what makes you happy.

Date: 10/27/02 20:04
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: Plantman

xnj wrote:

> Hats off to folks that supply the photos here, but does
> anyone else just enjoy the
> time spent trackside without photos?

Though I'm usually out there taking photographs, there are those times when it's great to just experience it outside of the camera viewfinder. Some of these times include campouts near railroads, where you can listen to the sound of trains on a moonlit night in the distance, 'round the campfire with great friends, great booze, great food, etc... Even better was hearing the sound of a heavy drag on the CSX near Martinsburg, after getting a lap dance from Echo at the Huddle Club this past weekend. There's more to this hobby than engine numbers and f stops...

Railfanning is seriously FUN business, if you let it be...

Date: 10/28/02 03:19
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: thannon

I'd rather photograph women, but that would probably require much more money than I have...

As far as trains- if there is light enough, then a photograph is made. If it isn't- a recording is made. There are still too few going by here at home for me to be comfortable 'just' watching.

And yes- I shoot with both eyes open, try to see as much as I can.

Tom H>

Plantman- u're too young for lap dances... I'm too married....

Date: 10/28/02 06:37
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: CRmac80

Interesting thought....I've always been one to carry the camera.One of the best parts of taking photos is the sharing with other fans(and non-fans too)at slide shows,on the net,or just thumbing through some prints.It's a good way to see how others "see" the railroad.Nowadays I get plenty of "watching time" at work,so the camera does come out when I'm out buff'n.As a note,I do see more "watchers" than photographers along the tracks here in Ohio as compared to the Altoona area where I started out with CR/NS.
For me,I love being able to look at my own personal railfan history.
I will say a night at BG123 is very sweet indeed-photos or no photos!

Date: 10/28/02 08:38
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: xnj

Thanks Rog and btw your photo of the backyard in TRP is excellent!
RAD is one person that should keep his eye in the viewfinder! Oh those B&O era slides...........

Date: 10/28/02 09:07
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: RobR


I may need to get my out of the viewfinder a bit more. I have more pleasurable memories of trains that I wasn't photographing than trains I was, but I also have a collection of photographs I'm proud of.

That recent Friday at your house added a lot to my collection of non-photographic memories. For example, two trains, one in each direction, blowing for crossings at the same time; and sitting on the hillside feeling the ground shake as one of them roared past.

For my all-time favorite railfanning moment, see http://clevelandrails.railfan.net/Articles/StoppingByTracks.htm.


Date: 10/28/02 10:30
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: jollymon

Haven't carried a camera in ages... Probably since my little girl was born. Some of you know how it is with a toddler, gotta keep control of them. Railfanning for me has turned into more of a Father-Daughter event (or dare I say ritual) that we do at least once a week. Wether it's a half-hour in the afternoon talking with the crew at Clinton, Tennessee or a picnic lunch at Emory Gap, we seem to have fun without taking pictures.

Speaking of not taking pictures of trains, here is my Daughter (and my first foray into B/W) on the abandoned station platform at Harriman, TN. (Yes, we were there with permission!)


Date: 10/28/02 15:17
Re: Railroad NON-Photography?
Author: xnj

Sometimes it's just a simple matter of utter frustration.
The last time I went out on a photo trip I spent the whole day taking some shots around NE Ohio that I also wanted to get. I finished my day and got home to unload the camera......and found out the film never caught! and I check it when I loaded it but not good enough I later found out.
That was the last time I had the SLR out (Minolta SRT101).
I was so PO'd at myself and the camera and work had bought (for business purposes of course ;) a digital camera and at the time it was one of the better one out there.
Well just like computers,it wasn't long before this KodakDC260 was passed by in the world of digital cameras.
I've shot over 3000 images with it..some good some bad and today I decided to try my luck with a shot of P955.
A friend is onboard and @18:00 with clear skies for once and great color on the trees I headed out of work 10 mins early to get a shot in my backyard.
Needless to say when the image was downloaded it was nice and blurry :(BAH!
Oh well another day I should have just left the camera home.
For those that have the knack keep up the good work!

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