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Date: 11/20/02 19:26
NS EOT Hanger
Author: salisbury

I always wondered what that yellow thing was used for!

Date: 11/20/02 19:38
Re: NS EOT Hanger
Author: TopcoatSmith

Finally got a shot of one in it's intended use, Thanks.

TCS - yet to see a BNSF with an ETD on theirs.

Date: 11/20/02 22:25
Re: NS EOT Hanger
Author: NSDash9

Thanks Salisbury, I've been watching for over 5 years to see one of those brackets actually being used and had about given up.


Date: 11/22/02 11:17
Re: NS EOT Hanger
Author: csx_guy

Here at CSX on the FBU (Florida Business Unit) we are instructed to hang the extra/unused EOT on the front knuckle of the lead engine.

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