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Date: 11/23/02 20:16
CSX Santa Train
Author: NS-CSX2000

Today was the 60th running of the somewhat famous CSX Santa Train down the former Clinchfield RR. There was a throng of people out chasing today, several fellow TO members included (KNT349, KD4JSL, donniebiggs, extrasouth are the ones I can think of right now...im sure there were more)

Here is a shot of the P912 coming around Osborne's Curve just south of the 56 milepost in Dungannon, VA. Power this year was CSX 8077-9993-9992.

Im going to work up a page later this weekend, I'll post a link under this thread when I get it online....

Chris Starnes
Gate City, VA

Date: 11/24/02 04:32
Re: CSX Santa Train
Author: jukeman

Santa loves that green grass.

Date: 11/24/02 05:06
Re: CSX Santa Train
Author: radioman2

Thanks Chris,this is always a christmas cheer for me to see.I say every year that i am going to see it ,but i have not done this yet.It is a long way but it would be well worth the trip!!!!!!!!!!

radioman2 out

Date: 11/24/02 06:05
Re: CSX Santa Train
Author: vasouthern

Hey Chris :

Thanks for sharing! Hopefully I can get there someday....

In this era of corporate cuts and budget cutbacks, its nice to see CSX doing this. They take a risk with this ( IE personal injury ) but it brings such cheer to the area, and keeps a small part of the Clinchfield flame alive!

Thanks for sharing Chris!

Hopefully I can get back out there and we can railfan some!

Virginia Southern

Date: 11/24/02 06:26
Re: CSX Santa Train
Author: kearnsrh

Did you get a list of the cars used in the Santa Special? I always knew this is how Santa got around but like the others, I have never seen him on the train in person.

Date: 11/24/02 07:10
Re: CSX Santa Train
Author: NS-CSX2000

Thanks guys.

No I do not have a list of the cars used. I think there were 11 total.


Date: 11/24/02 08:50
Re: CSX Santa Train
Author: jallgo1

Great shot!! I love it a veteran locomotive was on the point, it's great to see older power these days!! I've been on the Clinchfield several times and it's awesome!!

Have a Safe CSX day!!

Date: 11/24/02 18:53
Re: CSX Santa Train
Author: JCH9596

8077 looks really good in YN3. I'd love to see a YN3 SD40-2 in person, as it were! Great shot, thanks for sharing!

Joe H.

Date: 11/24/02 19:27
Re: CSX Santa Train
Author: NS-CSX2000

Howdy all,

Here is a page with Santa Train photos from this weekend. Enjoy!


Chris Starnes
Gate City, VA

Date: 11/24/02 19:46
Re: CSX Santa Train
Author: rs36

Who is the Colonel?
(...not the famous one from Kentucky!) :^))

Date: 11/24/02 21:35
Re: CSX Santa Train
Author: KNTower

Here is Santa's stop at Haysi, VA, where a large crowd is gathered to catch what Santa and his helpers throw off the train. This year's helpers included country singer and Elkhorn City native Patty Loveless, who threw gifts off the train at stops along the way.

The little girl in the foreground is obviously happy to have received one of the larger gifts from Santa. Several of Santa's helpers get off the train and scurry around distributing gifts that are too large to take flight.

KN Tower

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