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Date: 03/17/03 14:32
RBBX Flat?
Author: nscolsmp6

I shot this southbound in Columbus, OH at 4:20 PM today.

Is it a RBBX Flat?

As you can see from the second photo, it\'s not on a circus train.

Maybe it was having some work done somewhere?


Date: 03/17/03 15:48
Re: RBBX Flat?
Author: Pattenburg

according to an earlier thread, that flat (ex-GTW 303109) was from the Red Unit.

Date: 03/17/03 17:03
Re: RBBX Flat?
Author: zars

Where was that photograph taken? That looks like an old B&O color-position light in the trees in the background.

Date: 03/17/03 17:30
Re: RBBX Flat?
Author: nscolsmp6

Columbus, Ohio, NS Sandusky Line, Cooke Rd. grade crossing, facing east toward Cooke Rd. on the other side of the freeway.

Technically the location is "Old Cooke Rd." since it was relocated to the south when they put the freeway through. You can see a few of the venicles on the freeway in the top photo from my earlier post.

The CPL you see is actually a transformer on a power pole. :)


Date: 03/17/03 19:20
Re: RBBX Flat?
Author: circus

En route to Progress Rail Car at DeCoursey for repair work, then back to the Red.

Date: 03/18/03 05:10
Re: RBBX Flat? 84702 on ground - 1996
Author: throbbingunits

In 1996 somewhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Date: 03/18/03 10:13
Re: RBBX Flat? 84702 on ground - 1996
Author: rbx551985

RBBX 84702 (ex-GTW 303074), derailed in the above thread, appears to be at Doswell, VA. If that\'s true, then I could fill several pages here at Trainorders.com about that -- I was the only witness to the derailment of the "Pie Car" that day, and after that was set out, THEN the flats derailed as they were pulling away a second time. Not a good day for CSX. (Another story.)

As for the RBBX 80701 flat, the show often contracts work to be done at places like Progress Rail that have good track records (no pun intended) with repair & maintenance. Since the mid-late 1990s, RBBB Circus does most of its repair work at the Palmetto, FL "Recycling" shops, but sometimes a car will be sent to Progress Rail or perhaps some other shop. That means, thankfully, that the road train crews now perform mostly running repairs -- a good deal considering these same crews are the guys who load/unload all those flats when the shows arrive & depart each city!

RBBX 80701: I would estimate the car wasn\'t needed for the trips to Long Island and NYCity (maybe because they\'re so close together), so it may have been set out for this little side trip. Also, since they\'re in NY City for so many weeks, it\'s the perfect opportunity for heavier-than-normal work. HEADS UP: I also estimate it will be returned to the show before they depart New York City...

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