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Date: 08/11/03 17:47
Paw Paw Passing
Author: cinder

Westbound coal empties pass signal just east of Carruthers tunnel at Paw Paw, WVA in October 1987.

Date: 08/11/03 18:06
Re: Paw Paw Passing
Author: railfanner



Date: 08/11/03 18:12
Re: Paw Paw Passing
Author: thelmalou2

beautiful shot... Thanks!

Date: 08/11/03 18:43
Re: Paw Paw Passing
Author: dashcrazy

Makes me wish I had started railfanning at a younger age. If I could only go back before kids. But kids.........priceless

Date: 08/11/03 22:39
Re: Paw Paw Passing
Author: mgoldman

Chessie looks nice in Fall!

I was watching Back to the Future yesterday... I can tell you I would\'ve been doing other things had I gone back!!!!!!

\'Course I\'d be going back a little futher than Chessie System!

Nice shot!


Date: 08/12/03 11:40
Re: Paw Paw Passing
Author: Aces

Chessie looked nice ALL the time. Best all time color scheme - in my warped opinion!
Ace S

Date: 08/13/03 23:46
Re: Paw Paw Passing
Author: WMF7A

B&O 3816 is now MMID 302. Nice to see her back then.

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