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Date: 03/18/17 19:45
Shenandoah Junction
Author: DOUGIE

Railstream just put a camera here! about how many a day?

Date: 03/18/17 20:15
Re: Shenandoah Junction
Author: cornerfieldhobby

Yea, I seen that to. Someone on youtube caught 2 CERX GEVO's leading an Autorack on that cam.

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Date: 03/19/17 09:55
Re: Shenandoah Junction
Author: jmc80mac7

how far is this from Sandpatch? Watch now in an hour had 1 amtrak east three CSX east and one NS stack going from left to right. What is that direction?

Date: 03/19/17 13:13
Re: Shenandoah Junction
Author: florida581

The CSX line should see about 36 or so a day (including unit trains, Amtrak and MARC) and NS will see about 18. Pretty busy place.


•Amtrak Capitol Limited
29 Washington, DC - Chicago, IL
30 Chicago, IL - Washington, DC

872 Martinsburg, WV - Washington, DC
874 Martinsburg, WV - Washington, DC
875 Washington, DC - Martinsburg, WV
878 Martinsburg, WV - Washington, DC
879 Washington, DC - Martinsburg, WV
881 Washington, DC - Martinsburg, WV

Q130 Bedford Park, IL - Suffolk, VA
Q135 Portsmouth, VA - North Baltimore, OH
Q136 North Baltimore, OH - Portsmouth, VA
Q137 Baltimore, MD - Chicago, IL 59th St
Q138 Chicago, IL 59th St - Baltimore, MD

Q217 Philadelphia, PA - Connellsville, PA
Q224 Connellsville, PA - Baltimore, MD
Q249 Baltimore, MD - Connellsville, PA
Q261 Baltimore, MD - Connellsville, PA
Q276 Detroit, MI - Baltimore, MD
Q295 Philadelphia, PA - Connellsville, PA
Q296 Louisville, KY - Philadelphia, PA

Q341 Baltimore, MD - Cumberland, MD
Q370 Cumberland, MD - Philadelphia, PA
Q373 Philadelphia, PA - Cumberland, MD
Q388 Chicago, IL (BRC) - Selkirk, NY
Q389 Selkirk, NY - Chicago, IL (BRC)
Q398 Cumberland, MD - Baltimore, MD
Q400 Hamlet, NC - Cumberland, MD
Q401 Cumberland, MD - Hamlet, NC
Q415 Cumberland, MD - Rocky Mount, NC
Q416 Rocky Mount, NC - Cumberland, MD

D787 Cumberland, MD - Brunswick, MD


201 Rutherford, PA - Rossville, TN
202 Rossville, TN - Rutherford, PA
203 Rutherford, PA - Atlanta, GA
204 Atlanta, GA - Rutherford, PA
211 Croxton, NJ - Atlanta, GA
212 Atlanta, GA - Croxton, NJ
213 Rutherford, PA - Atlanta, GA
214 Atlanta, GA - Rutherford, PA
227 Norfolk, VA - Harrisburg, PA
228 Harrisburg, PA - Norfolk, VA
290 McCalla, AL - Croxton, NJ

12R Linwood, NC - Enola, PA
13R Enola, PA - Linwood, NC
15T Allentown, PA - Chattanooga, TN
16T Chattanooga, TN - Allentown, PA
35Q Allentown, PA - Linwood, NC
36Q Linwood, NC - Allentown, PA


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Date: 03/19/17 14:17
Re: Shenandoah Junction
Author: ns7500

Don't forget the grain trains 52t and 51t

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Date: 03/19/17 14:44
Re: Shenandoah Junction
Author: ns1000

Or special moves, MOW moves, and NS 777,747, or 781.

Date: 03/19/17 16:33
Re: Shenandoah Junction
Author: DOUGIE


Date: 03/19/17 17:32
Re: Shenandoah Junction
Author: sscannella

Isn't there also an NS local - V86 - or something like that?

Date: 03/19/17 17:57
Re: Shenandoah Junction
Author: bucky1986

NS V86 is now K46.

Todd Paoni

Date: 03/19/17 19:14
Re: Shenandoah Junction
Author: florida581

bucky1986 Wrote:
> NS V86 is now K46.

Where does K46 originate and it's turn point?


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