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Date: 04/19/17 20:32
Winter Night - Horseshoe Curve
Author: tgcostello

Eastern Board Crew:

I live in SouCal and occasionally post to the Western Board. I travel to the east coast once a year on business. Though I grew up in New Jersey, I had never traveled to central Pennsylvania to see the Horseshoe Curve. Back in mid-March I had the opportunity to do some "drive-by" railfanning. Attached are the modest fruits of that endeavor. I'd like to thank a number of folks on the Eastern Board who provided guidance to me and made this possible.

I arrived late on March 13th, and though light was waning rapidly, I headed up to the curve for these three shots.

First is a pair of helpers drifting east towards Altoona, NS 6303 and NS 6307.

The second and third shots are westbound intermodal led by NS 8799. These two photos were taken at ISO 6400, 1/45 wide open at f 4.0.

Date: 04/19/17 20:36
Re: Winter Night - Horseshoe Curve
Author: tgcostello

The next two photos were a modest attempt at time lapse photography at 25 degrees F using a pocket sized folding tripod. The second photo captures the flashes of the FRED, you can see them if you squint hard enough.

Finally, snow began falling overnight and the wind picked up. I wasn't able to capture a train at Gallitzin, but did capture this timeless "waiting for a train" photo at the Railroad Park in Gallitzin.

Tim Costello

Date: 04/20/17 05:01
Re: Winter Night - Horseshoe Curve
Author: DJ-12

Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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Date: 04/20/17 05:28
Re: Winter Night - Horseshoe Curve
Author: RNP47


Date: 04/20/17 06:05
Re: Winter Night - Horseshoe Curve
Author: refarkas

Your "waiting for a train" photo certainly does a good job of capturing that" I certainly hope something comes soon" feeling.

Date: 04/20/17 08:20
Re: Winter Night - Horseshoe Curve
Author: NKP715

All photos good, but really like the first one.

And that "waiting" shot certainly tells how we spend
most of our time.

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