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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Seeking Alpha CSX earnings call transcript: "Pump Yard" Reduction

Date: 04/21/17 02:35
Seeking Alpha CSX earnings call transcript: "Pump Yard" Reduction
Author: JPB

Apparently, Emily Litella did the conference call transcription!

Cindy Sanborn: "...The second item that we have been working on is reduce our – changing or converting our switching operations in some of our traditional pump yards into a flat yard model. We have 12 pump yards across the system. To date we have converted four of those over into flat switching operations. This has allowed us to reduce – support resource efficiencies, particularly in managing the infrastructure that is necessary to support in pump yards, in the pumping process, reduce that as well as at the end our plan has been focusing on improving the cycle times through those terminals..."

And then Hunter sez, "...There is efforts going on now promoting productivity, I would expect before the summer is up, we will have 550 or so locomotives [restored]..."

and then "...And if you look at an organization that is going to be able to take a combination of dual times and terminals about limiting terminals, which lowers cost, that at the same time then takes dual times now from an average of effectively a day or 25 hours or 26 hours of dual, down to 18 or so, and you say we're going to skip some terminals and you start to look at really what we used to talk about the strong competitive, that is not strong competitive, it's better than pro. Now, the issue is the change and is tried to take that to the market place and to sell it and converted and change it. But that's where look the individual markets, I mean this can be just as we guess more the competitors out there, we'll stretch and fighting and win the business there. The real opportunity has been is on the in the high wall...."

And then Hunter sez, "...Well, I mean, Tom, they're totally different franchises. The maker, the market. As generally speaking, a lot of roads are in North America. So, you look behind your belt and you say look what is the best way to operate and run this franchise and I think that the -- there is a lot of talk about this is not a simple T operation that it got all the complexities and the density and the spaghetti bowls. Well, the waiting, the hand led, eat his spaghetti and get rid of it. So, one of the things we've done, is the same the time we work diligently on is being sure that we're not going through terminals and process and cars just because the terminals there. So, it's almost kind of the old term we use before the wide motocross, let's start on with this franchise. The last, and I was there yesterday when I talked to group but the last stop yard, it was built in North America, the last two, with one and way across which is the heart of this CSX in my view. And the other one was our [indiscernible] in mid-80s. Markets have changed since mid-80s. Demand of traffic that's bulk, that is intermodal, that is very nearly -- true trends. It don’t have to be sold it in Swiss, so you adopt that year your operating strategies to the market..."

And then he says, "...And I think a better product raw product this Wendy and team can produce the more successful and more latitude, it will give thread and technique till I think that I think the competition, we're going to get bears in our rear view mirror and they're going to be looking at the rear, we're going to be pass him on the left..."

Say what? Who is Wendy? I guess bears in one's rear view mirror is a good thing? This whole transcription is gibberish but hilarious!

Or is this really the way Hunter speaks?


Date: 04/21/17 02:46
Re: Seeking Alpha CSX earnings call transcript: "Pump Yard" Reduc
Author: JPB

But Hunter has this provocative, almost incomprehensible resposne to an analyst query re: how CSX ops will evolve in Chicago: "...Everybody wants to grow, they want to grow in Chicago and it's not going to work. Now, the plus for us is this. We own a lot of assets in Chicago and we can be a more significant player that in positions that been in the past. And only one move could change things in Chicago and so people have to be aware of it and not I don’t read, I'm not going to mention the term but just a stroke of a pen of a partnership could shift a lot of track away from Chicago, and infrastructure thing to people think it's need for Chicago will be needed..."

Date: 04/21/17 07:37
Re: Seeking Alpha CSX earnings call transcript: "Pump Yard" Reduc
Author: n

i listened to the call, the transcript claimed michael ward was on the call and even miss quotes claims ward is speaking when its hh speaking not ward.

Date: 04/21/17 07:38
Re: Seeking Alpha CSX earnings call transcript: "Pump Yard" Reduc
Author: steamfan

Maybe the "political correctness filter" wouldn't allow the word "hump" to be used???

John R -- CP Spring
Carlisle, PA

Date: 04/21/17 08:11
Re: Seeking Alpha CSX earnings call transcript: "Pump Yard" Reduc
Author: Lackawanna484

The automated transcriptions are even stranger with biotech. Bio-lipophase protein pause-adductor doesn't roll off a human tongue...

Posted from Android

Date: 04/21/17 14:15
Re: Seeking Alpha CSX earnings call transcript: "Pump Yard" Reduc
Author: darkcloud


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Date: 04/21/17 16:28
Re: Seeking Alpha CSX earnings call transcript: "Pump Yard" Reduc
Author: DrLoco

I'm guessing these are the same transcriptionists that the Carrier uses to transcribe our discipline investigations that they hold for employees who commit infractions, then NO, this is totally how our transcripts look when they get sent back to us as Union officers.
The most common phrase in the transcripts (usually covering a particularly damning piece of evidence or testimony that would normally clear a member) is "Answer unintelligible."

I'm not surprised-there's a lot of fat to cut here, unfortunately, when you use a very broad knife, you're bound to hit bone in a few spots. Hopefully the EHH wrecking crew misses more than they cut!

Date: 04/21/17 21:05
Re: Seeking Alpha CSX earnings call transcript: "Pump Yard" Reduc
Author: JLinDE

If CSX goes to Galesburg, IL, I did not know that, and think BNSF which controls he place would be a tad upset. Maybe CSX has a satellite truck only intermodal terminal there but I was not aware that BNSF, despite its many trains there, handled any intermodal trains at Galesburg. It is a major carload fright terminal hump yard; but a quick check of Google Earth shows no intermodal Facilities there. If I missed something, please advise.

Date: 04/22/17 00:58
Re: Seeking Alpha CSX earnings call transcript: "Pump Yard" Reduc
Author: darkcloud


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