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Date: 11/08/18 07:37
NS Cannon to McVey questions
Author: onblock

The section of Norfolk Southern's Pittsburgh Line between CP Cannon ( Duncannon) and CP McVey (near Mattawanna) is west of Harrisburg in central Pennsylvania; involving a roughly 60 mile segment.  Under the upcoming realignment, which dispatcher's desk will get this segment? What will that dispatcher's territory cover? Will the radio frequency change for this segment? (I would think that it will.) When is the realignment to take effect? Thanks in advance for any answers. 

addendum: It is my understanding that the territory to the west will be McVey to Conpitt Junction (which is about 55 miles west of Altoona).

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Date: 11/08/18 08:32
Re: NS Cannon to McVey questions
Author: sscannella

That segment of the Pittsburgh Line is currently dispatched by the Altoona East desk, and I don't know why that would change, or why the radio frequency of 160.800 would change. Aren't most of the dispatchers desk names staying the same.

Date: 11/08/18 10:36
Re: NS Cannon to McVey questions
Author: eastpenn23

Reportedly HBG will take over Altoona East and lose some of the Lurgan

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Date: 11/08/18 10:59
Re: NS Cannon to McVey questions
Author: Lackawanna484

When these desks are fully operational in Atlanta, I am sure the powers will tinker with the boundaries.

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Date: 11/08/18 11:24
Re: NS Cannon to McVey questions
Author: PRR-Lewistown

The last thing I had heard was that Altoona East would control to CP McVey and Harrisburg Terminal would control east from there.

Date: 11/08/18 13:54
Re: NS Cannon to McVey questions
Author: perklocal

I heard a Pittsburgh East Dispatcher tell a crew that Con-Pitt. to McVey would become the Allegheny Desk.

Date: 11/08/18 14:04
Re: NS Cannon to McVey questions
Author: mp109

Heard a Harrisburg Terminal dispatcher tell someone today that the desks would stay the same after the move and change later. The Harrisburg Terminal dispatcher must have one of the most complex territories anywhere. Getting rid of the Lurgan Line should help, since they seem to spend a lot of time on that line.

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