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Date: 11/27/18 12:40
GP38s on Delmarva Today
Author: cr2581

Delmarva Central's pair of GP38s drew the interchange assignment from Harrington to Clayton today as the SD40s worked elsewhere. I caught them heading south as they climbed out of the sag at MP41 near Cheswold,DE.  The sound was incredible and even got the attention of a local resident who paused for a moment to observe while out for a walk.

Enjoy !

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Date: 11/27/18 13:06
Re: GP38s on Delmarva Today
Author: Lackawanna484

Thanks for the video. That's a pretty diverse traffic base.

Congrats to their sales team.

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Date: 11/27/18 13:51
Re: GP38s on Delmarva Today
Author: wjpyper

Nice. Thanks for posting.
Bill Pyper
Salem, Oregon

Date: 11/27/18 15:05
Re: GP38s on Delmarva Today
Author: VaCentralRy

   For those of us Delmarva railfans, we could tell you where just about every car in that train is going; everyone is a load/no empties. The fun outlier is the pole car, since we rarely see flatcars or gondolas down here. For those unfamilar with the region, Sussex County Delaware (the lowest of the 3) has produces more chickens than any other country in the U.S. The surrounding Maryland counties are also active in the poultry industry. hence, a lot of grain (generally in unit amounts) and some materials for processed packaging. While propane peaks in the winter for homes, it's also used to heat poultry houses.


Date: 11/27/18 15:22
Re: GP38s on Delmarva Today
Author: cr2581

To validate VaCentralRy's comments above, there were two 90 car unit grain trains that ran south two hours apart yesterday morning. Additionally, DCR is currently shuttling grain in six car sets from Mountaire's Townsend, DE facility to their location in Frankford Sussex County. Those chickens get hungry !

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Date: 11/27/18 18:29
Re: GP38s on Delmarva Today
Author: ChrisCampi

Worth the watch for the sound alone.

Date: 11/27/18 19:23
Re: GP38s on Delmarva Today
Author: Trainhand

poles should not have been next to the dp tank. otherwise a fine video from Gary.

Date: 11/28/18 16:53
Re: GP38s on Delmarva Today
Author: dcorreia

Some of the tank cars are empties if they are going to Perdue Oil Seed in Salisbury. Perdue does produce soybean oil at that facility.

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