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Eastern Railroad Discussion > One Running & One Tied Down... Darn IT!!!!

Date: 12/05/18 06:12
One Running & One Tied Down... Darn IT!!!!
Author: NSSpike

This past Monday there were a couple on south bounders worth going after on the Atlanta North End district. One, the NS #911 leading NS 177. Like most I must have a dozen or so photos of this one in the files. So now it becomes yeah, but not at this location or not leading this type consist. The other (that I haven't captured yet) NS #1801 DC/AC conversion unit in special yellow scheme that was leading NS 361. So off to Rockmart Georgia I headed in hopes I could catch both of these units in some areas I hadn't been to in a while. I was especially interested in the new photo opportunities that might be available as a result of the tree and brush clearing project underway between Rockmart to Dallas Georgia. 

A typical busy day with everyone wanting track time and the presents of work crews cutting down trees between CP Finch MP 104 and the Braswell intermediate signal at the MP 109 would also add to the delays in traffic. Managed to catch one on the move and had to settle for one tied down. 

#1. NS 177 ( ELKHART, IN – MACON, GA) east of Rockmart as it heads south just before the defect detector at MP 105.7 After it cleared the road crossing I followed it along Braswell Rd and saw plenty of new photo locations. 

#2. NS 361 (CHATTANOOGA, TN - MACON, GA) tied down at CP Ollie as NS 22N (MEMPHIS, TN - ATLANTA, GA) “22 Nachos” on the main heads south. The "Darn It" for the day!!!

Phil Maton
Villa Rica, GA

Date: 12/07/18 16:58
Re: One Running & One Tied Down... Darn IT!!!!
Author: ns1000

I do like Pic 2...

Date: 12/07/18 17:23
Re: One Running & One Tied Down... Darn IT!!!!
Author: dan

get the red yello and black side by side for us someday, any other colors? green?

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