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Eastern Railroad Discussion > NS H68 & H11 on March 23rd

Date: 04/10/19 19:13
NS H68 & H11 on March 23rd
Author: OCtrainguy

Still playing catch-up on photos from a trip to Macungie, PA on the NS Reading Line.  This group of photos and videos is focused on two Allentown Yard locals. the H11 and the H68.  The H68 runs from Allentown to Reading and back to Allentown and can be over 100 cars.  They used to work an industry called Buckeye in the eastern part of Macungie, but in my last two visits (in a three month period) the H11 has worked Buckeye.  The H11 appears to work local industries around the Allentown Yard area as I don't know what their official assignments might be.  Okay, onto the photos first.

1.  The H11, running pull-pull heading west through Macungie with SD40-2 3414 leading.  The train was on this track as the H68 was running east on the other track.
2.  Slug 736 and mother, 3039 on the east end of the H11
3.  The H68 with a DC to AC engine leading a DC GEVO and GP38-3 5827.

More to follow...   

Date: 04/10/19 19:17
Re: NS H68 & H11 on March 23rd
Author: OCtrainguy

Continuing the photos..

4.  NS 5827 heading from Reading to Allentown 
5.  Thought this was an interesting NS hopper.  Don't recall seeing one this size with the added height.
6.  After heading to Alburtis to allow the NS 211 to pass, the H11 heads back east with the 3039 leading.

One more photo and two videos to follow.. 

Date: 04/10/19 19:28
Re: NS H68 & H11 on March 23rd
Author: OCtrainguy

Last photo and two videos..

7.  The H11 after finishing their work at Buckeye.  While this is backlit, you can see the three engines are now all together as the local has one more customer to serve before returning to the yard.

8.  The H11 heading west.  And yeah, it was very windy out!
9.  The H68 heading east back to Allentown.

Hope you enjoy the photos and videos! 

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Date: 04/11/19 02:56
Re: NS H68 & H11 on March 23rd
Author: dschlegel

Thanks for capturing some of the local action out of Allentown yard! Nicely done!

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