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Date: 04/14/19 10:34
Opinion question
Author: mully

What is everyone’s thought on the best photographic locations on the eastern board coverage area?


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Date: 04/14/19 12:21
Re: Opinion question
Author: dschlegel

Tough question, there’s so many great areas.
Personal favorites are:
1) NS Reading Line, lots of rolling farm fields and neat little towns split in two by the railroad
2) NS Pittsburgh Line, tons of great locations between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh
3) CSX ex B&O in Maryland and West Virginia


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Date: 04/14/19 12:56
Re: Opinion question
Author: bath_wildcat

Anywhere on the NS Chicago Line
Deshler, Ohio
Fostoria, Ohio

Mike Fair
Sandusky, OH

Date: 04/14/19 14:54
Re: Opinion question
Author: P

Anywhere you can find a train in West Virginia.

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Date: 04/14/19 17:41
Re: Opinion question
Author: reel_smooth

While I haven't been to any of these places [yet], from what I've see from pictures, CSX's Sandpatch grade, especially in the fall.

Date: 04/14/19 18:23
Re: Opinion question
Author: tq-07fan

I don't know? I think many places are just great in their own very special way. I have been hanging out within ten miles of the house and having a blast this year, it's something I had overlooked and I am still finding more places, if only a block or two away from each other. I guess it depends on what you like in your pictures, signals, nature scenes, cityscapes, bridges, railway scenes, signals. That said I love my home state of Ohio, lots of variety here for photo backdrops. Indiana and Kentucky provide lots of variety as well. I totally agree with P, it would be a challenge to screw up a pictures in West Virginia. Pennsylvania if course fits that bill as well. Of course I guess what I am saying is, I'm not too picky, I like just about anything.


Date: 04/14/19 19:31
Re: Opinion question
Author: RuleG

There are many great places throughout the east in cities and out in the country.  Here are a few I'll mention:

NS's ex-Erie Line through Southern Tier of New York, particularly at the Portageville Bridge in Letchworth State Park
NS's ex-PRR Buffalo Line through North Central and Northwestern Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, PA
NS Fort Wayne Line though West Park in Pittsburgh's North Side.


Date: 04/15/19 13:04
Re: Opinion question
Author: dan7366

It depends on your definition of "photographic".  It could mean "scenic", or "some place where I can hang out and not be bothered by cops or meth heads while getting a good number of trains".

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