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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Timing for NS220 through Austell/Mableton today?

Date: 06/09/19 08:41
Timing for NS220 through Austell/Mableton today?
Author: jcoons

A business colleague has taken a new job in Paris and is relocating from Dallas over the next two weeks. Their relocation company set their move pickup late last week and they loaded a 40’ container. They’ve got kids and the ability to track the shipment from their house, via train across the southeast to Savannah and then on to the ship (NYK Deneb) has proven to be a fascinating way to engage them in what was seen as a scary move. 

Good news is they can see most of the move details via NYK Line including all the specific handling points and the car ID that the container is loaded on. It looks like it was loaded on NS220 at Meridian and left Birmingham around 0945 this morning. 

Any chance anyone has a way to approximate when 220 might pass by Austell or Mableton? The kids were interested if I could get eyes and a pic of their container going through... 

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