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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Macungie, PA. Railroad park, 6-12-19

Date: 06/14/19 03:14
Macungie, PA. Railroad park, 6-12-19
Author: warren1977

I spent about 90 minutes here for the first time while on a trip to the Bethlehem Sands Event Center for a rock concert.
Although only one westbound came through during that time, I was very impressed by a fine example of railfan fellowship.
One of the older gents present found he had oil leaking from the filter area of his SUV's engine, likely improperly reinstalled after a earlier oil change.
While the vehicle was raised using a piece of wood and a curb, an old jacket,  foam cushion and rag were produced  to enable the most physically adept of those present (most were over 60) to slide under the vehicle and hand tighten the filter, shutting off the leak. The engine was then found to have lost 1.5 qts. of oil so far that morning.
I hope to return to Macungie again in the future, I have really become appreciative of these no-hassle places.

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Date: 06/14/19 05:43
Re: Macungie, PA. Railroad park, 6-12-19
Author: cjvrr

Great story of people helping out in a pinch.   Probably saved him from burning his motor up.

I remember my dad and I getting stuck in a ditch on the side of a road while chasing a train back in the 1980's.  Several other railfans were present and physically lifted the car up out of the ditch without us even asking for help.  They saw the problem and all pitched in to help.   We do have some great people in this hobby.

Date: 06/14/19 06:15
Re: Macungie, PA. Railroad park, 6-12-19
Author: Lackawanna484

The folks at Macungie park are wonderful in answering questions, too.

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