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Eastern Railroad Discussion > What's in the boxes?

Date: 08/09/19 22:26
What's in the boxes?
Author: Cumberland

In the past couple of months I have seen multiple trains, including these strings of flat cars with these blue boxes on them on the Metropolitan Sub. This seems to be 'a new norm' for CSX cargo. What are they carring?


Date: 08/10/19 01:57
Re: What's in the boxes?
Author: lne655

They look like trash containers.

Date: 08/10/19 05:01
Re: What's in the boxes?
Author: GPutz

Containers of ash from the incinerator at Dickerson on the PEPCo spur are shipped in containers like that.  I think Q415 takes the loads south and Q416 returns the empties to Brunswick, MD.  Gerry

Date: 08/11/19 06:10
Re: What's in the boxes?
Author: rbx551985

They are set off at Acca Yard in Richmond, and a transfer run forwards them over to Fulton Yard where there is a set of unloading tracks beside the office there.

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