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Date: 08/12/19 00:15
Author: refarkas

Shaker Heights Rapid Transit 12 was used to carry passengers at the Northern Ohio Railway Museum in Seville, Ohio on August 10, 2019. Check NORM's website for the trolley ride schedule.
1.) Front
2.) Side
3.) Back

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Date: 08/12/19 04:50
Re: SHRT 12
Author: jmbreitigan

I see a people catcher on the front. There is one on a car at the PA. Troley Museum too.

Date: 08/12/19 05:58
Re: SHRT 12
Author: refarkas

As I recall, the people catcher was sometimes demonstrated by the inventor. That's placing full confidence in your product!

Date: 08/12/19 15:32
Re: SHRT 12
Author: krm152

Eighty years ago, trolley cars were the backbone of urban transit.
Nice to see their contemporary preservation.
Thanks for postingĀ  the nice photos.

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