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Date: 11/25/19 11:45
NS Chattanooga train symbols?
Author: ShortlinesUSA

I went out for a long-overdue roll around town yesterday, and noticed several new symbols on the radio.  I laid eyes on a couple of these trains and have the following questions:

1. Have the Plant Scherer coal train symbols changed?  I saw a 76Z (affirmed many times over on the radio) that was BNSF-powered with RWSX hoppers.  I thought at first at might be a Kingston, TN train, but once I saw the RWSX hoppers, knew it wasn't.  It did indeed go south down the Georgia Division toward Atlanta.  These have been 730-series trains for years, with second sections as Q3x.

2.  NS 289-- this one came into DeButts across the Hopskip bridge, and I'm pretty certain certain from the Georgia Division.  Interesting thing is, it appeared to be all manifest, despite having an autorack train symbol.

Any info on those is greatly appreciated.  Andrew, if it's not too much trouble, would you mind posting the current NS symbols for Chattanooga now that we are full on humping again?  You do an awesome job there and it's most appreciated!  And it sure was nice to hear the terminal radio frequency so congested that the chatter is almost constant again.  For a while there, it was kind of depressing to hear the long periods of silence.

Mike Derrick

Date: 11/25/19 13:10
Re: NS Chattanooga train symbols?
Author: dan7366

NS 289 sets out autoracks at "Waters" in Harriman, TN.  These are then picked up by NS 285.


Date: 11/25/19 14:00
Re: NS Chattanooga train symbols?
Author: florida581

 The following are all the symbols through Chattanooga. 

201 Rutherford, PA - Rossville, TN daily
202 Rossville, TN - Rutherford, PA daily
215 Chicago Calumet, IL - Atlanta, GA daily
216 Atlanta, GA - Chicago Calumet, IL daily
223 Kansas City, MO - Atlanta, GA daily
224 Atlanta, GA - Kansas City, MO daily
229 Chicago Landers, IL - Jacksonville, FL (FEC) daily
264 Memphis, TN (BNSF Q LACAUG) - Atlanta, GA Fr-We
265 Atlanta, GA - Memphis, TN (BNSF Q AUGLAC) Tu, Th, Sa
282 Jacksonville, FL - Chicago Landers, IL daily
22N Memphis, TN - Atlanta, GA Tu-Su
23N Atlanta, GA - Memphis, TN (UP IMEMN) daily
25Q Atlanta, GA - Memphis, TN Mo-Th
26Q Memphis, TN - Garden City, GA We, Fr 

276 Jacksonville, FL - Princeton, IN daily
285 Kansas City, MO - Jacksonville, FL (FEC) daily
288 Atlanta, GA - Detroit Oakwood, MI daily
289 Detroit Oakwood, MI - Chattanooga, TN daily 

101 Bulls Gap, TN - Memphis, TN (UP MSFNL) daily
102 Sheffield, AL - Bulls Gap, TN daily
109 Chattanooga, TN - Birmingham, AL daily
117 Bellevue, OH - Chattanooga, TN daily
122 Chattanooga, TN - Decatur, IL daily
125 Roanoke, VA - Chattanooga, TN daily
126 Chattanooga, TN - Roanoke, VA daily
130 New Orleans, LA (UP) - Chattanooga, TN daily
131 Chattanooga, TN - New Orleans, LA daily
142 Birmingham, AL - Elkhart, IN daily
143 Elkhart, IN - Chattanooga, TN daily
170 Chattanooga, TN - Conway, PA daily
171 Conway, PA - Chattanooga, TN daily
172 Chattanooga, TN - Louisville, KY daily
173 Louisville, KY - Chattanooga, TN daily
174 Macon, GA - Elkhart, IN daily
175 Chattanooga, TN - Macon, GA daily
177 Elkhart, IN - Macon, GA daily
178 Birmingham, AL - Bellevue, OH daily
179 Bellevue, OH - Birmingham, AL daily
180 Macon, GA - Chattanooga, TN daily
15T Enola, PA - Birmingham, AL daily
16T Birmingham, AL - Roanoke, VA daily
300 Chattanooga, TN - Loudon, TN daily
303 Loudon, TN - Chattanooga, TN daily
322 Macon, GA - Chattanooga, TN daily
347 Chattanooga, TN - East Point, GA daily
361 Chattanooga, TN - Macon, GA daily
362 Sheffield, AL - Chattanooga, TN daily
365 Chattanooga, TN - Sheffield, AL daily
370 Rome, GA - Chattanooga, TN daily
371 Chattanooga, TN - Rome, GA daily 

T88 Chattanooga, TN - North Chattanooga, TN turn Su-Fr 

•yard jobs (that venture outside of DeButts Yard)
AC01 works 23rd St, Alton Park, Rossville Mo-Fr
AC10 works Jersey, Tyner daily
AC12 works Boyce, C.T. Tower daily
AC18 Red Bank / C&D Branch Mo-Sa
AC27 works Boyce, Grace, Eightco spurs Mo-Fr
AC31 works 23rd St and C.T. Tower daily
AC34 CSX Wauhatchie interchange daily
AC49 works VW Tyner Mo-Fr
AC50 works Boyce daily 

•unit trains (~8 a day on average)
~3-4 coal
~3-4 grain
~1 steel
~0-1 ethanol
sporadic phosphate 

Between many various loadouts in IL, IN, MO, OH and:
Baldwin, GA 40G, 41G, 42G
Forsyth, GA 41J, 42J
Gainesville, GA 45R, 46R
Albany, GA 50N, 51N, 52N, 54E, 55E, 56E
Surrency, GA 50Q, 51Q, 52Q
Maysville, GA 50R, 51R, 52R
Adel, GA 50X, 51A

Norton, VA - Ensley, AL 710
Memphis, TN BNSF - Scherer, GA 732, 733, 734, 735, 737, 76Z, 77Z
Memphis, TN BNSF - Kingston, TN 72Z, 73Z 

Between Chicago, Blue Island, Hennepin, IL and:
Westover, GA 64H, 65H
Jacksonville, FL (FEC) 64Q, 65Q 

Between Indiana Harbor, IN and Calvert, AL 60C, 61C 

Between Occidental, FL and Champaign, IL 60U, 61U 


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Date: 11/25/19 14:07
Re: NS Chattanooga train symbols?
Author: goneon66

outstanding.  thanks very much andrew.............


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