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Date: 11/29/19 16:10
Black Friday
Author: train1275

Another one of those almost no light days in late November in Upstate New York so guess it is a Black Friday. Lots of waiting and lots of miles but not too much that seemed to have worked out today. 11-29-2019

1.NS 7244 and 1044 comes south through Otego, NY and are crossing the Susquehanna River with Train 23K. This is the 2nd crossing of the Susquehanna below Oneonta.

2. A going way shot of the 23K.

3. Behind the 23K was the 205 which passed the 11R at Oneonta. I didn't get a worthwhile shot of the 205 but here is the 11R south of Oneonta. He is just over the first crossing of the Susquehanna River below Oneonta as he heads for Farone Road Crossing. Power is NS 8054, 9808 and Pan Am 3402.

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Date: 11/29/19 16:20
Re: Black Friday
Author: train1275

Catching up to the 11R once again at Roberts Road north of Afton.

Then jumping ahead for another catch of the 23K we first saw at Otego, now at Nowlan Road Crossing Port Dickinson dropping down to the yards in Binghamton.

A going away shot of the 23K as he heads into Binghamton.

Another 4 hours of sort of daylight yielded nothing. The 205 passed the 23K at Afton so was already down in Binghamton by QD by the time 23K came in behind. However by 0-dark-30 in the late afternoon the 205 still had not departed Binghamton for the trip over the Tier so it was back to barn and wait for another day.

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Date: 11/30/19 16:49
Re: Black Friday

Nice series.  First and last are the favorites for me.

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