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Date: 12/01/19 14:02
The Storm Cometh .... D&H Land
Author: train1275

.... or so at least they are predicting for Upstate New York. Maybe 15 inches between Sunday morning and into tomorrow.

I guess we will see, but as of this morning it was cloudy and clear until about 10am, then a fine wintery mix started to fall. Fine snow and icing mixed with occasional larger flakes but very little accumulation other than icing up the roads.

1. It has just started to percipitate as Train 205 comes down into Oneonta with the Penn Central heritage leading.

2. Another shot of the 205 rounding the curves at Wells Bridge, NY as the train heads south towards Binghamton. A little more white stuff down this way.

3. Shortly after the 205 passed, Train 11R came down so we see him at the same location as we caught 205. Even more white stuff falling now. 11R has NS 9627, 7511 and 9575 as power today. Kind of odd to see 11R with a few containers on the head end.

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Date: 12/01/19 14:06
Re: The Storm Cometh .... D&H Land
Author: train1275

Not far behind the 11R we find Train 30T with NS 9384 leading through Otego. The weather weathers on but the light is going fast. Snow plows are out but the roads are a sheen of white and ice. Looks like this 30T will meet 16R at Afton but by the time 16R came up at about 5pm it was far too dark for any photos.

More plows are going by the house as I type this, so we will see how much white pile up there is on the ground come sun up.

Date: 12/01/19 15:03
Re: The Storm Cometh .... D&H Land
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!  I like train pics in bad weather...

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